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Dependant means

Definition of ‘dependant’ as provided in Section 2(1)(d) of Act, 1923, which is reproduced herein below:- (d) “dependant” means any of the following relatives of a deceased (employee), namely- (1) a widow, […]


The term `employment’ used in Article 319 of the Constitution fell for consideration before the Hon’ble Full Bench of Rajasthan High Court in Har Govind Pant’s case (supra). The observations made in […]

Right to privacy

Right to privacy is also not expressly guaranteed under the Constitution of India. However, the Privacy Bill, 2011 to provide for the right to privacy to citizens of India and to regulate […]

“It shall be lawful” means

In Julius v. Bishop of Oxford (1880) 5 A.C. 214 it was observed by Cairns, L.C., at pp. 222-223 that the words “it shall be lawful” conferred a faculty or power, and they did not of themselves do more than confer a faculty or power.


The Baccalauréat[(French secondary school diploma/ high-school degree] is a state diploma awarded to pupils in their final lycée year. Higher Secondary[12th Standard] in India. This programme leads to a Bachelor’s degree. It is […]


The word “modification” means “the action of making changes in an object without altering its essential nature or character; the state of being thus changed; partial alteration”. Stress is being placed on […]

Easement of necessity

In Rameshchandra Bhikhabhai Patel Vs. Maneklal Maganlal Patel and Another[AIR 1986 Kant 456] , it is held that “Easement of necessity would no longer be available when alternative way is available to […]

Building worker means

“building worker” means a person who is employed to do any skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, manual, supervisory, technical or clerical work for hire or reward, whether the terms of employment be expressed […]