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As between civil and criminal proceedings, the criminal matters should be given precedence.

M.S. SHERIFF Vs. THE STATE OF MADRAS AND OTHERS -The criminal matters should be given precedence. There is some difference of opinion in the High Courts of India on this point. No hard and fast rule can be laid down but we do not consider that the possibility of conflicting decisions in the Civil and Criminal Courts is a relevant consideration. The law envisages such an eventuality when it expressly refrains from making the decision of one Court binding on the other, or even relevant, except for certain limited purposes, such as sentence or damages. The only relevant consideration here is the likelihood of embarrassment – SUPREME COURT [1954]

Judicial power vs Judicial decision

A quasi judicial decision equally presupposes an existing dispute between two or more parties and involves and but does not necessarily involve and never involves. The place of is in fact taken by administrative action, the character of which is determined by the Minister’s free choice

Difference between prorogation of the Legislature and an adjournment of a meeting of the Legislature

A session is the period of time between the meeting of a Parliament, whether after, a prorogation or dissolution, and its prorogation. …. During the course of a session, either House may adjourn itself of its own motion to such date as it pleases. The period between the prorogation of Parliament and its re-assembly in a new session is termed a ‘recess’; while the period between the adjournment of either house and the resumption of its sitting is generally called as ‘adjourned’.