Responsible Digital Innovation-T Rabi Sankar

Fintech, or technology that provides digital financial services is transforming the provision and delivery of financial services. At its most basic level digital technology enables speed – speed in processing information and speed in communication. Processing speed has reduced cost and time for transactions while communication speed has enhanced connectivity of systems expanding the reach of transactions.

Tamil Nadu Blockchain Policy-2020

Blockchain technology will play a huge role in e-governance in the near future. It is expected to enable Governments to build secure, auditable, and efficient workflows and processes. These modernized workflows can equip the Government to design citizen-centric applications that cater to different verticals of governance including agriculture, healthcare, data security & integrity, identity management and benefits & subsidy distribution. Blockchain will benefit the residents of Tamil Nadu by delivering better and more secure governance and efficient citizen service delivery.

UNESCO Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage-2003

The digital heritage consists of unique resources of human knowledge and expression. It embraces cultural, educational, scientific and administrative resources, as well as technical, legal, medical and other kinds of information created digitally, or converted into digital form from existing analogue resources. Where resources are “born digital”, there is no other format but the digital object.


XML is a W3C-recommended general-purpose markup language that supports a wide variety of applications. XML languages or 'dialects' may be designed by anyone and may be processed by conforming software. XML is also designed to be reasonably human-legible, and to…

An Examination of Facebook and Its Impact on the Financial Services and Housing Sectors

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the U.S. House Financial Services Committee on Oct. 23. Zuckerberg will testify at a hearing titled "An Examination of Facebook and Its Impact on the Financial Services and Housing Sectors." Allegation on…

Top 100 ranked Websites in India

Source: SMErush [August 2019] Country RankDomainVisitsDesktop ShareMobile ShareUnique VisitorsPages / VisitAvg. Visit DurationBounce Rate1google.com9.3B8.33% 779M91.67% 8.6B410.9M7.77418:5126.08%2ampproject.org753.8M< 0.01% 36.5K100.00% 753.8M55.3M2.18811:0047.69%3facebook.com1.7B1.53% 26.2M98.47% 1.7B161.8M7.85919:1030.58%4youtube.com1.1B40.16% 430.9M59.84% 642M179.5M8.20327:5437.28%5wikipedia.org424.9M10.20% 43.4M89.80% 126.6M76.24% 406.3M61.6M8.59916:4623.92%7amazon.in387.3M14.21% 55M85.79% 332.2M100.6M7.72711:4637.14%8timesofindia.com255.5M0.07% 180.7K99.93% 255.3M54.4M2.13709:3762.21%9ndtv.com222M4.83% 10.7M95.17% 211.3M51.8M2.0709:0459.15%10quora.com220.8M3.35% 7.4M96.65% 213.5M70.4M2.20810:0160.25%11flipkart.com211.4M14.91% 31.5M85.09% 179.9M68.1M7.4912:0939.32%12indiatimes.com174.6M13.46% 23.5M86.54% 151.1M51.5M2.19713:1268.22%13googleadservices.com264.7M0.03% 68.5K99.97% 264.6M100.4M1.27610:3683.68%14xvideos2.com102,033B< 0.01%…