Section 165 of Evidence Act: Judge’s power to put questions or order production

The Judge may, in order to discover or to obtain proper proof of relevant facts, ask any question he pleases, in any form, at any time, of any witness, or of the parties, about any fact relevant or irrelevant; and may order the production of any document or thing; and neither the parties nor their agents shall be entitled to make any objection to any such question or order, nor, without the leave of the Court

Gaurav Sondhi vs Diya Sondhi [DHC-3/5/2005

The grocery bill, rent payment, school fees, telephone, electricity and water dues are required to be paid on the due date and will not await the contingency of the receipt of the payment on a future date in Court. It has thus become necessary to ensure that maintenance payment to a wife/child is made at least on a regular monthly basis and defaults for no justifiable cause ought not to go scot free without sanctions.

Shyamlal Devda and Others Vs. Parimala-22/1/2020

Section 18 of the Domestic Violence Act relates to protection order. In terms of Section 18 of the Act, intention of the legislature is to provide more protection to woman. Section 20 of the Act empowers the court to order for monetary relief to the "aggrieved party". When acts of domestic violence is alleged, before issuing notice, the court has to be prima facie satisfied that there have been instances of domestic violence.

Evidence in Domestic Violence Act

Apart from the self-serving statements in the petition and her chief examination affidavit, the petitioner has failed to substantiate by producing cogent documents or iota evidence to prove her case. Thus she is not entitled for the relief U/s.19 of PWDV Act


 DV act applies to Only the victim of the violenceall women who are subject of 125 Cr.P.CAll women who are not staying with the husbandwomen who are victim of violence within the family Aggrieved Person includeswoman having domestic relationshipA woman in live-…

Kunapareddy @ Nookala Shanka Balaji Vs. Kunapareddy Swarna Kumari & ANR [SC 2016 April]

Keywords:- Domestic violence- Amendment of the Complaint If the power to amend the complaint/application etc. is not read into the aforesaid provision, the very purpose which the Act attempts to sub-serve itself may be defeated in many cases.  Decided On:-APRIL…