Agreement between Application Service Provider and eSign Service Provider for Online Digital Signature Service

‘Agreement’ shall mean this agreement executed between the Parties, along with its schedules, annexures and exhibits, if any, and all instruments supplemental to or amending, modifying or confirming this agreement in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, if any, in each case as they may be supplemented or amended from time to time;

Drafting of administrative rules

A rule, by law, is every agency/court/institutional statement of general applicability and future effect, including amendments, suspensions, and repeals of rules, adopted to implement or make specific the law enforced or administered by that agency or to govern its organization or procedure. In English, you are writing a rule if you are writing

Model constitution or bye-laws of a Bar Association in India and England

THE CONSTITUTION 1 (a)The Central Bar Association ("the Association") exists to represent the views and interests of the practising members of the civil and criminal bars in England and Wales. (b) The objectives of the Association include: (i) promoting and…

Mind your Language when you are drafting a pleading: MHC

TULSIRAM Vs. RAMCHARANLAL - It is a primary duty of Legal Practitioners to be jealous in guarding the prestige of Courts and in maintaining dignity, decorum and decency in Courts. Nothing, whatever should be done which may bring a proceeding to ridicule or to run a Court into a platform for controversy of any kind, except disputes relating to, rights, duties and liabilities arising from the Constitution or from the law and procedure established thereunder.


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