Understanding Money- in Marx’s Capital

Understanding Marx’s Capital: Today we see the logical conclusion of this process: not only have coins of gold and silver been replaced by less precious metals; not only have coins themselves been replaced by paper notes; but now we represent money as mere digital information – as numbers on a screen. No longer is there a need for physical tokens of value to exchange hands; instead we have electronic bank transfers.

Enhancing Economic Engagement with Diaspora in and post Covid-19 world-Sanjay Bhattacharyya

The idea behind self-reliance or Aatmanirbharta is not to turn the country inwards, or into an isolationist country, but to the contrary, it is to ensure that India can emerge as the global nerve centre of the complex modern multinational supply chains. As External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar noted: "Foreign policy begins at home. A strong economy allows us to be heard in the world. A self-reliant India will have more to offer to the world”.

A short view of the state of Ireland- Jonathan Swift-1740

I would be glad to know by what secret method it is that we grow a rich and flourishing people, without liberty, trade, manufactures, inhabitants, money, or the privilege of coining without industry, labour or improvement of lands, and with more than half of the rent and profits of the whole Kingdom, annually exported, for which we receive not a single farthing

A proposal to pay off the debt of the nation – Jonathan Swift 1740

A bishop's lease for the full term, is reckoned to be worth eleven years' purchase, but if we take the bishops round, I suppose, there may be four years of each lease elapsed, and many of the bishops being well stricken in years, I cannot think their lives round to be worth more than seven years' purchase; so that the purchasers may very well afford fifteen years' purchase for the reversion, especially by one great additional advantage, which I shall soon mention.

Measures against economic impact due to coronavirus by Russian Government-21/03/2020

The first is the labour market, possible layoffs and even unemployment. At present, various flexible employment opportunities should be considered – reduced workdays in some places and working remotely in others, which fits with medical recommendations best. We will separately monitor how the transition to working remotely is proceeding. Layoffs must be the last resort even under the current fairly complicated situation.