Scientificity and productivism were the sources of fascism in the 20th century but could speed, consumption and impatience with facts be the sources of fascism in the 21st century? The speed of technological changes and the dispersion of digital images have transformed the way we experience reality. Speed dislodges the gestation required to manufacture scientific knowledge and register it as […]

We urge you to ensure that the voice of the Opposition is not smothered[Cover up] in the Rajya Sabha. While we understand our responsibility and the need to enact legislation, any attempt by the government to undermine the privileges of members, the rules and established conventions will diminish the Council of States as envisaged by our founding fathers

The grapevine was abuzz that Garg’s unceremonious exit was linked to the brouhaha over the flotation of foreign currency-denominated sovereign bonds, which finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced with great fanfare in her maiden budget less than three weeks ago. It appeared that Garg — a fierce proponent of the sovereign bond plan — was being turned into a fall guy […]

During the debate, the Opposition accused the Modi government of trying to sell off railways’ assets instead of focusing on services, but the BJP asserted that the transport behemoth is breaking new ground everyday, especially in areas of infrastructure and safety. Behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. The Hindu JULY 12, 2019

A petulant lament devoid of introspection. In the days and weeks that followed, Rahul made it clear to party leaders that his decision to resign was no ritual; he was not budging from it. What was not clear — to either party insiders or observers outside — was why Rahul was insisting on resigning. Was it out of genuine penitence […]

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