Family Court in UK

What the Family Court deals with: The Family Court handles: parental disputes over the upbringing of childrenlocal authority intervention to protect childrendecrees relating to divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnershipfinancial support for children after divorce or relationship breakdownsome…

Family justice system

When disputes do come to the courts, the cases are dealt with by magistrates and judges specially trained to deal with issues affecting families. These disputes often involve very difficult circumstances, for example relationship breakdown or child contact. Judges and magistrates work to make the circumstances of family disputes less adversarial and hearings can often be quite informal with, for example, all parties sitting around a table.

Hindu Laws

In 1955, the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 was enacted in India whereby the marriage system has totally been changed and plurality of wives was given a goodbye. Divorce and Judicial separation systems were introduced. Again in 1956, by the enactment of the Hindu Succession Act- 1956 for Hindus, Mitaksara or Dayabhaga was changed. Sons and daughters were given equal share on the demise of their father or mother while wife or husband was due for one-third share.