Studying ballistic wounds

When a projectile strikes the human body, it depresses and compresses the skin, flesh and bone underneath. The continued pressure stretches them beyond the elastic limits and a hole is created. The stretched skin regains its normal state after the hole is created and the bullet has entered inside. The diameter of the hole on the skin, therefore appears, on the non-stretched skin somewhat smaller than the size of the projectile which created the wound, when it was stretched.

What should be in a Postmortem Report- Model form

Medicolegal cases (MLC) are an integral part of medical practice that is frequently encountered by Medical Officers (MO). The occurrence of MLCs is on the increase, both in the Civil as well as in the Armed Forces. Proper handling and accurate documentation of these cases is of prime importance to avoid legal complications and to ensure that the Next of Kin (NOK) receive the entitled benefits.