Television Speech by USSR President Gorbachev as he relinquished power on 25/12/1991

Due to the current situation with the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, I terminate my activity as President of the USSR . I am making this decision for reasons of principle. [В силу сложившейся ситуации с образованием GlossarСодружества Независимых Государств я прекращаю свою деятельность на посту GlossarПрезидента СССР. Принимаю это решение по принципиальным соображениям]

UK G7 Presidency Statement: Digital and Tech-30/11/2021

The G7 Digital and Technology Ministers’ Declaration identified six priority interventions to help ensure that our collective recovery from COVID-19 builds back a better, more productive, and resilient global economy, with digital technology at its heart. We welcome the significant progress achieved together through open and constructive collaboration from G7 members and partners as the UK G7 Presidency comes to an end.

G7 LEADERS STATEMENT: Partnership for infrastructure and investment-3/12/2021

The G7 Leaders have issued a joint statement, setting out principles and next steps to modernise the G7's approach to infrastructure finance and narrow the infrastructure investment gap in developing countries. This supports a key part of the agreement reached by Leaders at the G7 Carbis Bay Summit in June, as a part of the G7's commitment to build back better for a greener, more prosperous future.

Statement by President Joe Biden on Afghanistan-30/08/2021

The Taliban has made commitments on safe passage and the world will hold them to their commitments. It will include ongoing diplomacy in Afghanistan and coordination with partners in the region to reopen the airport allowing for continued departure for those who want to leave and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

Treaty between Ameer Dost Muhammad Khan & British India, 1855

countries of Afghanistan now in his possession ; concluded on the part of the British Government by John Lawrence, Esquire, Chief Commissioner of the Punjab in virtue of full powers vested in him by the most Noble James Andrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, KT, &C., Governor-General of India ; and on the part of the Ameer of Cabool, Dost Mohummud Khan by Sirdar Gholam Hydur Khan, in virtue of full authority granted to him by His Highness, - 1855.

Assessing the Guam war claim process-02/12/2009

It has been nearly 68 years since the Imperial Japanese military forces invaded and occupied the United States territory of Guam, subjecting its residents to 33 months of horrific pain and death.  Through it all however, the largely native population, the Chamorro, remained ever-loyal to the United States.  In prayer and song, all longed for the return of the Americans. 

Islands under the control of U.S. Dept of Interior

he Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) emerged from the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI) which the United States administered on behalf of the United Nations from 1947 until Palau, the last member of the TTPI to choose its own political future, became an independent country 1994.