What is the kind of mental cruelty that is required to be established to get divorce?

It will be necessary to bear in mind that there has been marked change in the life around us. In matrimonial duties and responsibilities in particular. we find a sea change. They are of varying degrees from house to house or person to person. Therefore, when a spouse makes complaint about the treatment of cruelty by the partner in life or relations, the Court should not search for standard in life. A set of facts stigmatised as cruelty in one case may not be so in another case. The cruelty alleged may largely depend upon the type of life the parties are accustomed to or their economic and social conditions. It may also depend upon their culture and human values to which they attach importance. We, the judges and lawyers, therefore, should not import our own notions of life. We may not go in parallel with them. There may be a generation gap between us and the parties. It would be better if we keep aside our customs and manners. It would be also better if we less depend upon precedents. Because as Lord Denning said in Sheldon v. Sheldon, (1966)2 All ER 257, 259 “the categories of cruelty are not closed”. Each case may be different. We deal with the conduct of human beings who are not generally similar. Among the human beings there is no limit to the kind of conduct which may constitute cruelty. New type of cruelty may crop up in any case depending upon the human behaviour, capacity or incapability to tolerate the conduct complained of. Such is the wonderful (sic) realm of cruelty.”

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Mundaka Upanisad of Atharva Veda

॥ मुण्डकोपनिषत् ॥ ॥ श्रीः॥ ॥ मुण्डकोपनिषत् ॥ ॐ भद्रं कर्णेभिः श्रुणुयाम देवा भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः । स्थिरैरङ्गैस्तुष्टुवाꣳसस्तनूभिर्व्यशेम देवहितं यदायुः । स्वस्ति न इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवाः स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्ववेदाः । स्वस्ति नस्तार्क्ष्यो अरिष्टनेमिः स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पतिर्दधातु। ॥ ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥ ॥ ॐ ब्रह्मणे नमः ॥ ॥ प्रथममुण्डके प्रथमः खण्डः ॥ ॐ ब्रह्मा देवानां प्रथमः… Read More Mundaka Upanisad of Atharva Veda

Glorification of wife – In Hindu Tradition

From Markandeya Purana Adhyaya 21 ॥ भार्यामहिमा ॥ कुण्डलोवाच – भर्तव्या रक्षितव्या च भार्या हि पतिना सदा । धर्मार्थकामसंसिद्ध्यै भार्या भर्तृसहायिनी ॥ ६८॥ यदा भार्या च भर्ता च परस्परवशानुगौ । तदा धर्मार्थकामानां त्रयाणामपि सङ्गतम् ॥ ६९॥ कथं भार्यामृते धर्ममर्थं वा पुरुषः प्रभो । प्राप्नोति काममथवा तस्यां त्रितयमाहितम् ॥ ७०॥ तथैव भर्तारमृते भार्या धर्मादिसाधने । न… Read More Glorification of wife – In Hindu Tradition

Chanmuniya Vs Chanmuniya Virendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha and Another [SC 2010 October]

Keywords :- Live in relationship:- wife-  Women in live-in relationships are also entitled to all the reliefs given in the said Act. [ref: to larger bench] (SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) (Before : G. S. Singhvi and Asok Kumar Ganguly, JJ.) Civil Appeal No. … of 2010 (Arising out of SLP (Civil) No. 15071 of 2009);… Read More Chanmuniya Vs Chanmuniya Virendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha and Another [SC 2010 October]

Pallavi Bhardwaj Vs Pratap Chauhan[SC 2011]

Keywords:-Validity of Marriage- The High Court without coming to any finding about the validity of marriage and after recording that the validity of marriage was always denied by the Appellant gave certain directions which are wholly inconsistent with the facts of the case. Since no marriage has been established, directions given by the High Court… Read More Pallavi Bhardwaj Vs Pratap Chauhan[SC 2011]