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Introduction to the History of Philosophy: Hegel

In the Christian religion the principle of which we speak has been rather expressed in the form of feeling and representation than articulated in the form of pure thought.What is essential in this story is that the tree from which Adam eats is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; the rest is simply imaginary. The point at which we now stand is the result of all the work that has been done over a period Of 2300 years; it is what the World-Spirit has brought before itself in its thinking consciousness.

ধর্ম্মপালদেবের তাম্রশাসন-The Copper Plate of Dharma Pala Deva

The Copper Plate of Dharma Pala Deva Discovered at Khalimpur Maldah District ধর্ম্মপালদেবের[770-810 CE] তাম্রশাসন। [খালিমপুর-লিপি] প্রশস্তি-পরিচয়। মালদহ জেলার অন্তর্গত খালিমপুর গ্রামের উত্তরাংশে হলকর্ষণ করিতে গিয়া, এক কৃষক এই তাম্রপট্টলিপি প্রাপ্ত হইয়াছিল। […]