Jammu and Kashmir Police Act 1983

The entire police establishment under the general police district, shall, for the purposes of this Act, be and deemed to be one police force, and shall be formally enrolled; and shall consist of such number of officers and men, and shall be constituted in such manner, and the members of such force shall receive such pay, as shall from time to time be ordered by the Government.

Bharistan-i-Shahi: History of Kashmir 1300-1600

नमस्ते शारदे देवि काश्मीरपुरवासिनि। त्वामहं प्रार्थये नित्यं विद्यादानं च देहि मे॥ Baharistan-i-shahi-1614 Baharistan-i-shahi: A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir- Original Persian text is written by an unknown person and Translated by K.N Pandit in English Acknowledgement A positive response from the…

India’s Complaint to the Security Council on the tribal invasion of J&K-01/01/1948

On 26 October, the ruler of the State, His Highness Maharaja Sir Hari Singh, appealed urgently to the Government of India for military help. He also requested that the Jammu and Kashmir State should be allowed to accede to the Indian Dominion. An appeal for help was also simultaneously received by the Government of India from the largest popular organization in Kashmir, the National Conference, headed by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. The Conference further strongly supported the request for the State's accession to the Indian Dominion. The Government of India were thus approached not only officially by the State authorities, but also on behalf of the people of Kashmir, both for military aid and for the accession of the State to India.

Parliament Resolution on Jammu and Kashmir on February 22, 1994

This House note with deep concern Pakistan's role in imparting training to the terrorists in camps located in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the supply of weapons and funds, assistance in infiltration of trained militants, including foreign mercenaries into Jammu and Kashmir with the avowed purpose of creating disorder, disharmony and subversion:

Orders issued under J&K Constitution shall be deemed to be issued under Indian Constitution.

Notifications, Rules and Orders issued under proviso to section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir shall be deemed to have been issued under Article 309 of the Constitution of India. Dated: 31/10/2019 Notifications, Rules and Orders issued under…

Abolition of 370 is an internal matter: Indian envoy asserted after a closed-door meeting in UNSC

Pakistan requested the Security Council meeting on 13 August, and it was subsequently called for by Permanent Member, China.  A closed-door meeting was held on 16th August 2019 evening in the Security Council [consultation room], concluded without any formal observation.…