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Meaning of a Word or Phrase as defined by a Competent Court


Transfer The term transfer means any actual or purported act or transaction, whether or not evidenced by writing, and whether or not done or performed within the United States, the purpose, intent, or effect […]

U.S. financial institution

U.S. financial institution The term U.S. financial institution means any U.S. entity (including its foreign branches) that is engaged in the business of accepting deposits, making, granting, transferring, holding, or brokering loans or other […]

Effect of amendment

Effect of amendment Unless otherwise specifically provided, any amendment, modification, or revocation of any provision in or appendix or chapter or of any order, regulation, ruling, instruction, or license issued by authority […]

Commercial service

Commercial service means— (1) Installation services, maintenance services, repair services, training services, and other services if— (i) Such services are procured for support of a commercial product as defined in this section, […]


Transfer The term transfer means any actual or purported act or transaction, whether or not evidenced by writing, and whether or not done or performed within the United States, the purpose, intent, […]

Property – property interest

Property; property interest. The terms property and property interest include- Money, checks, drafts, bullion, bank deposits, savings accounts, debts, indebtedness, obligations, notes, guarantees, debentures, stocks, bonds, coupons, any other financial instruments, bankers […]

Law and “Procedure established by law”

Procedure established by law” must be taken to refer to a procedure which has a statutory origin, for no procedure is known or can be said to have been established by such vague and uncertain concepts as “the immutable and universal principles of natural justice”. In my opinion, ‘ law” in Art. 21 means “positive or State made law”.

Tender Processing

In W.B. State Electricity Board vs. Patel Engineering Co. Ltd. and Others, reported in (2001) 2 SCC 45, this Court while considering the issue with regard to the process of tender held […]


In the case of State Bank’s Staff Union (Madras Circle) v. Union of India and Ors. reported in, (2005) 7 SCC 584, Supreme Court noticed and defined the expression “retrospective” as under: […]


A mathadhipathi is the manager and custodian of the institution. See Vidya Varuthi Thirtha vs. Balusami Ayyar, 48 Ind App 302 at pages 311, 315. The office carries with it the right […]

Person aggrieved

Where a right of appeal to Courts against an administrative or judicial decision is created by statute, the right is invariably confined to a person aggrieved or a person who claims to […]

Advocate-Suspension from practice

An Advocate who is found guilty of contempt of Court may also, as already noticed, be guilty of professional misconduct in a given case but it is for the Bar Council of the State or Bar Council of India to punish that Advocate by either debarring him from practice or SUSPENDING his licence, as may be warranted, in the facts and circumstances of each case.


“AIDS” is the product of indisciplined sexual impulse. This impulse, being the notorious human failing if not disciplined, can afflict and overtake anyone how high soever or, for that matter, how low […]


It is the basic principle of Jurisprudence that every Right has a correlative Duty and every Duty has a correlative Right. But the rule is not absolute. It is subject to certain […]