Two other types of liability, contractual and relational, must receive brief notice. The former has long done valiant service for the will theory. Not only liability arising from legal transactions but liability attached to an office or calling, liability attached to relations and liability to restitution in case of unjust enrichment have been referred to express or implied undertaking and hence to the will of the person held.

In Absentia Judgments Violate Egyptian Standards of Justice – Sarwat Abd El-Shahid

This Article represents an explicit breach of the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution and international conventions to which Egypt is party although they are deemed an integral part of the Egyptian legislation and supersede laws in application. Further, the Article contradicts with explicit judicial precedents rendered by the Supreme Constitutional Court as illustrated and clarified in the following sections.

Directorate of Judicial Audit-Afghanistan

As representatives of the Supreme Court, Judicial Auditors participate in random delegations assigned by the President and performs evaluation and audit when required. As one of its main activities, the Department also performs economic audits

Judicial Responsibility

The media often reports on the progress and outcome of court cases, as well as upon their views on a judge’s performance in particular cases or in general. This form of accountability allows scrutiny through the media of individual judges.

The Judicial College and training

udicial College courses, domestically and internationally, use a range of well-tried teaching methods, starting from the principle of ‘judges teaching judges’ and exploiting participants’ experience of law and life, judicial work and legal practice, to develop judicial skills.

Right to ignore the State-Harbart Spencer-1850

A good check upon that sentiment of power-worship which still misleads us by magnifying the prerogatives of constitutional governments as it once did those of monarchs. Let men learn that a legislature is not "our God upon earth," though, by the authority they ascribe to it and the things they expect from it, they would seem to think it is. Let them learn rather that it is an institution serving a purely temporary purpose, whose power, when not stolen, is at the best borrowed.

Holding over and tenant at sufferance

The act of holding over after the expiration of the term does not create a tenancy of any kind. If a tenant remains in possession after the determination of the lease, the common law rule is that he is a tenant on sufferance. A distinction should be drawn between a tenant continuing in possession after the determination of the term with the consent of the landlord and a tenant doing so without his consent.

Judicial function is both creation and application of law-Justice Mathew

The judicial function is, like legislation, both creation and application of law. The judicial function is ordinarily determined by the general norms both as to procedure and as to the contents of the norm to he created, whereas legislation is usually determined by the Constitution only in the former respect. But that is a difference in degree only.