Law on the Right of the Home-1862

A domiciliary visit, that is, a search of a home or the appurtenant premises may, as a rule, only be undertaken on the strength of a judicial warrant stating the reasons. This warrant shall at once or at least within 24 hours be served on the party concerned.

Financing of Political Parties (Political Parties Act 2012)-Austria

A political party is a permanently organised association which, through common activities, aims at comprehensively influencing the national decision-making process, in particular by participating in elections for general representative bodies and the European Parliament, and whose constitution has been deposited with the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Protection of Personal Data (DSG)-Austria

Every person shall have the right to secrecy of the personal data concerning that person, especially with regard to the respect for his or her private and family life, insofar as that person has an interest which deserves such protection. Such an interest is precluded if data cannot be subject to the right to secrecy due to the data’s general availability or because they cannot be traced back to the data subject.

Basic Law on General Rights of Nationals in Kingdoms and Länder- 1867- Austria

Basic Law of 1867 Date: 22.12.1867   taatsgrundgesetz vom 21. December 1867, über die allgemeinen Rechte der Staatsbürger für die im Reichsrathe vertretenen Königreiche und Länder – StGG Basic Law of 21 December 1867 on the General Rights of Nationals…