Registration Act of Iceland 1978

A document shall be dismissed from registration if its issuer violates the authorization for ownership in the manner specified in the document, cf. however, Articles 24, 25 and 51. Paragraph 3 The same applies if the registration is manifestly unnecessary for the protection of rights, if the reading of a document or other inscriptions is indistinguishable or the writing is such that there is a special risk that it may be misunderstood, as well as if the copies are substantially inconsistent or the document has other significant defect, that it is not considered appropriate to take it for registration and custody.

 Icelandic law on amateur boxing

A clear distinction must be made between Olympic boxing, in other words amateur boxing, and professional boxing, which is practiced on all continents. The rules and security requirements of the industries are very different. Thus, it is mandatory to use headgear in Olympic boxing and each game lasts for three rounds instead of up to twelve rounds in professional boxing. Serious accidents are known in professional boxing, but such accidents have not occurred in amateur boxing due to the different rules that apply to them.