Madhya Pradesh High Court invited suggestion for awarding designation of Senior advocate to the five applicants-18/12/2019

The following persons have applied for awarding the designation of Senior Advocate to the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. Advocatetanmoy Law Library has approved the candidature of following two persons out of five applicants- 01 VIJAY ASSUDANI 02 VIRENDRA SHARMA Name of…

Mind your Language when you are drafting a pleading: MHC

TULSIRAM Vs. RAMCHARANLAL - It is a primary duty of Legal Practitioners to be jealous in guarding the prestige of Courts and in maintaining dignity, decorum and decency in Courts. Nothing, whatever should be done which may bring a proceeding to ridicule or to run a Court into a platform for controversy of any kind, except disputes relating to, rights, duties and liabilities arising from the Constitution or from the law and procedure established thereunder.