The Maharashtra Police Act, 1951   Bombay Act No. 22 of 1951 For Statement of Objects and Reasons see Bombay Government Gazette, 1950, Part V, Page 324; for Report of the Select Committee, see Bombay Government Gazette, 1951, Part V, pages 34-88. Received assent of the President on the 1st June, 1951; assent first published in the Bombay Government Gazette, […]

It shall be lawful for Her Majesty, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, to erect and establish a High Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal for the Bengal Division of the Presidency of Fort William aforesaid, and by like Letters Patent to erect and establish like High Courts at Madras and Bombay for those Presidencies respectively, such High Courts to be established in the said several presidencies at such time or respective times as to Her Majesty may seem and the High Court to be established under any such Letters Patent in any of the said Presidencies shall be deemed to be established from and after the publication of such Letters Paten

nothing in this section shall apply to the printing of any pleading, transcript of evidence or other document for use in connection with any judicial proceedings or the communication thereof to persons concerned in the proceedings or to the printing or publishing of any notice or report in pursuance of the directions of the Court or to the printing or publishing of any matter in a separate volume or part of any bona fide series of law reports

OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT GOVERNMENT PLEADER AND PUBLIC PROSECUTOR,  i. The particulars of the Office, Functions and Duties- Office of the District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor, Yavatmal. The Government Pleader is defined in Section 2(7) of Code of Civil Procedure which includes any officer appointed by the State Government to perform all or any of the functions expressly imposed […]

MAHARASHTRA ACT No. XXVIII OF 2019 (First published, after having received the assent of the Governor in the “Maharashtra Government Gazette”, on the 26th August 2019). An Act to amend the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Act, 2011. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Act, 2011, for the purposes hereinafter appearing; it is […]

The Maharashtra Police Act, 1951 Bombay Act No. 22 of 1951 An Act to consolidate and amend the law for the regulation of the Police Force in the State of Bombay Whereas, it is expedient to amalgamate the District and Greater Bombay Police Forces and the Police Forces of the Saurashtra, Kutch and Hyderabad areas, and of the Vidarbha region […]

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