A white paper on the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in China-6/12/2016

Humanity has created a colorful global civilization in the long course of its development, and the civilization of China is an important component of the world civilization harboring great diversity. As a representative feature of Chinese civilization, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a medical science that was formed and developed in the daily life of the people and in the process of their fight against diseases over thousands of years. It has made a great contribution to the nation's procreation and the country's prosperity, in addition to producing a positive impact on the progress of human civilization.

The Law of Hippocrates

MEDICINE is of all the arts the most noble; but, owing to the ignorance of those who practice it, and of those who, inconsiderately, form a judgment of them, it is at present far behind all the other arts. Their mistake appears to me to arise principally from this, that in the cities there is no punishment connected with the practice of medicine (and with it alone) except disgrace, and that does not hurt those who are familiar with it.

वाग्भट संहिता-चिकित्सस्थानम् Bāgbhatt Saṁhitā-Chikitsha Sthanam

आमाशयस्थो हत्वाऽग्नि सामो मार्गान् पिधाय यत्
विदधाति ज्वरं दोषस्तस्मात्कुर्वीत लङ्घनम् १
प्राग्रूपेषु ज्वरादौ वा बलं यत्नेन पालयन्
बलाधिष्ठानमारोग्यमारोग्यार्थः क्रियाक्रमः

माधवनिदान-Madhab Nidan

ज्वरोऽतिसारो ग्रहणी चार्शोऽजीर्णं विसूचिका
अलसश्च विलम्बी च क्रिमिरुक्पाण्डुकामलाः १
हलीमकं रक्तपित्तं राजयक्ष्मा उरःक्षतम्
कासो हिक्का सह श्वासैः स्वरभेदस्त्वरोचकः २
छर्दिस्तृष्णा च मूर्च्छाद्या रोगाः पानात्ययादयः
दाहोन्मादावपस्मारः कथितोऽथानिलामयः ३
वातरक्तमूरुस्तम्भ आमवातोऽथ शूलरुक्
पक्तिजं शूलमानाह उदावर्तोऽथ गुल्मरुक् ४

Rise of modern medicine

IT is not making too strong a statement to say that the chemistry and chemical physics of the nineteenth century have revolutionized the world. It is difficult to realize that Liebig's famous Giessen laboratory, the first to be opened to students for practical study, was founded in the year 1825.

Medical Tests which a doctor can order you for routine checkup

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE A Acid-Fast Bacillus (AFB) Tests ADHD Screening Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) Albumin Blood Test Aldosterone Test Alkaline Phosphatase Allergy Blood Test Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) Tumor Marker Test Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Test Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test ALT Blood Test Ammonia Levels Amylase…

Research Council for Ayurvedic Research-CCRAS

The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences is a Registered Society under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 29.07.2011 (Formerly Registered as Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha on 30th March, 1978). It is an autonomous organization under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt, of India and is the apex body for formulation, co-ordination, development and promotion of research on scientific lines in Ayurveda medicine.


The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Forensic Medicine is to produce a physician who is well informed about medicolegal responsibilities in practice of medicine. He/She will also be capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in criminal matters and connected medicolegal problems.