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Charak Samhita Sharir Sthanam

चरकसंहिता शारीरस्थान अथातः कतिधापुरुषीयं शारीरं व्याख्यास्यामः ।। चसं-५,१.१ ।। इति ह स्माह भगवान् आत्रेयः ।। चसं-५,१.२ ।। कतिधा पुरुषो धीमन् धातुभेदेन भिद्यते । पुरुषः कारणं कस्मात् प्रभवः पुरुषस्य कः ।। चसं-५,१.३ ।। […]

Human pathogen

human pathogen means a micro-organism, nucleic acid or protein. Examples Toxins Aerolysin Aerolysine Alpha toxin Toxine Alpha Anthrax toxins: Lethal Toxin and Oedema Toxin Toxines du charbon : toxine létale et toxine d’oedème […]

No Government doctor can claim the right to private practice.


SUKUMAR MUKHERJEE ORS.Vs. STATE OF WEST BENGAL AND ANOTHER – 27/07/1993 -It was submitted on behalf of the petitioners that the field of public health is being served by these petitioners and if they are restrained from doing so, public will be deprived of their services which would not therefore, be in public interest. I do not find any merits in this contention. The petitioners do not give (service) after office hours without charging fees. Their fees cannot be paid by hungry, indigent persons. They are approached by those who can afford to pay them. So, the majority of these deprived persons are not going to get any benefit from them. They have to depend on the hospital and dispensaries set up by the Government for public benefit. The right of the petitioners to practise the profession of medicine cannot be said to have been violated by the impugned rules.

Justice V.S. Dave President vs Kusumjit Sidhu 18/04/2018

the medical reimbursement of a retired Chief Justice and/or a retired judge of a High Court should be reimbursement of all medical expenses including hospital charges which a retired Chief Justice and/or a retired Judge of a High Court may have had to incur in connection with the medical treatment of himself and/or his/her dependent family members. Except for certain inadmissible items of expenditure, on which there can be no dispute, such reimbursement should extend to all items of expenditure including hospital charges.

Medical Degrees in India

Medical Negligence

ALLOPATHY MEDICAL DEGREES GRADUATE MBBS PG DIPLOMA (WITH BASIC DEGREE AS MBBS) IN SPECIALTY/SUPER SPECIALTY Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Diploma in Radio-Diagnosis Diploma in Radio Therapy Diploma in Medical Virology Diploma in Occupational […]

Medical Law & Ethics

Core Practice Practitioners Guide Medical Practitioner`S Guide– Clinical Establishment Laws- Drugs & Pharmaceutical Laws– Clinical Equipment Law- Medical Education  Laws – Hand Book For Medical Stores & Sales- Prohibited Medical Practice- Mental Health […]

Pharmacy Council

 Ref : THE PHARMACY ACT, 1948 THE PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA 3. Constitution and composition of Central Council.—The Central Government shall, as soon as may be, constitute a Central Council consisting of the […]

Indian Nurses Register

Ref: THE INDIAN NURSING COUNCIL ACT, 1947  S 15A. Indian Nurses Register.––(1) The Council( Nursing Council u/s 3) shall cause to be maintained in the prescribed manner a register of nurses, midwives, auxiliary […]