The Monasteries and the Poor-laws-1651

economical function of monasteries was to serve as houses of shelter for travellers, as hospitals for the sick, and as centres of relief for the poor. These were their functions all through the Middle Ages; but in the time immediately preceding the Reformation the office of relieving the poor assumed a new character and importance.

Statute of Labourers – Edward III – 1349 CE

Let no one, moreover, pay or permit to be paid to anyone more wages, livery, meed or salary than was customary as has been said; nor let any one in any other manner exact or receive them, under penalty of paying to him who feels himself aggrieved from this, double the sum that has thus been paid or promised, exacted or received; and if such person be not willing to prosecute, then it (the sum) is to be given to any one of the people who shall prosecute in this matter

Statute of Mortmain-1279

no person, religious or other, whatsoever lie be, shall presume to buy or sell any lands or tenements, or under colour of gift or lease, or of any other term or title whatever to receive them from any one, or in any other way, by craft or by wile to appropriate them to himself, whereby such lands and tenements may come into mortmain; under pain of forfeiture of the same

Types of prison sentences in UK

Concurrent and consecutive sentences Suspended prison sentences Determinate prison sentences - fixed length of time Indeterminate prison sentences - no fixed length of time Life sentences Sentences for young people

UK’s sanctions regime relating to cyber activity

As required by section 43 of the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (‘the Sanctions Act’), the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs has provided this guidance to assist in the implementation of, and compliance with, the Cyber (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (the ‘Regulations’), as amended from time to time.

History of the Court of Appeal

Original jurisdiction was primarily civil. It did not gain jurisdiction over criminal appeals until the Court of Criminal Appeal’s jurisdiction was transferred to it under the Criminal Appeal Act 1966.

Review of U.K National policy statement for national networks-Written statement to Parliament

In 2019, U.K roads handled 88% of all passenger travel by distance, the vast majority of it by car or van. Even doubling rail use across the country would only reduce this proportion to 75%, assuming that overall demand did not rise. The roads also carry more than three-quarters of freight traffic, and of course nearly all pedestrian, cycling, bus and coach journeys.

Church of Scotland Act-1921

Whereas certain articles declaratory of the constitution of the Church of Scotland in matters spiritual have been prepared with the authority of the General Assembly of the Church, with a view to facilitate the union of other Churches with the Church of Scotland, which articles are set out in the Schedule to this Act,