The Orissa Estates Abolition Act, 1951   (Orissa Act 1 of 1952) For statement of objects and reasons, see Orissa Gazette Extraordinary dated the 3rd January, 1950 and for report of Select Committee, see, Orissa Gazette Extraordinary Dated the 25th August, 1951. (Received the assent of the President on the 23rd January, 1952). An Act to provide for the abolition […]

The Orissa Land Reforms Act, 1960 Orissa Act No. 16 of 1960 EDITION: 2020 Published vide Orissa Gazette Extraordinary No, 705/11.11.1960. An Act to reform the law relating to land tenures and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Whereas it is necessary to enact a progressive legislation relating to agrarian reforms and land tenures consequent on the gradual abolition […]

Orissa Act No. 6 of 1978 Published vide Orissa Gazette Extraordinary/27.3-1978. For Statement of Objects, and Reasons see Orissa Gazette Extraordinary No. 200/16.2.1976. An Act to provide for the abolition of payment of land revenue in respect of certain categories of land. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Orissa in the Twenty-ninth Year of the Republic […]

Published vide Revenue and Excise Department Notification No. 57165 dated 25.9.1965 and first published in Orissa Gazette Extraordinary No. 1502 dated 26.10.1965 CHAPTER-I General Short title and commencement. – These rules may be called the Orissa Land Reforms (General) Rules, 1965. Definitions. – In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires- (a) “Act” means the Orissa Land Reforms Act, 1960 […]

Agriculturists’ Loans (Orissa Amendment) Act, 1937 Authority of Orissa State Government under Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930 Bengal Alluvion and Diluvion (Amendment) Act, 1868 Bengal Alluvion and Diluvion Act, 1847 Bengal Embankment Act, 1855 Bengal Embankment Act, 1866 Bengal Embankment Act, 1882 Bhaskar Textile Mills (Acquisition and Transfer) Act, 1986 Bihar and Orissa Excise Act, 1915 Bihar and Orissa Places of […]

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