No. 21/4(3)/2023/TO(B) Consequent upon his conviction by the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Surat in C.C./18712/2019, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Member of Lok Sabha representing the Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency of Kerala stands disqualified from the membership of Lok Sabha from the date of his conviction i.e. 23 March, 2023 in terms of the provisions of Article 102(1)(e) of the Constitution of India read with Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.

1215: Signing of the Magna Carta Magna Carta sealed by King John. This set the founding principles for parliament and constitution. It defined rights, legal practices and ‘good lordship’ – what subjects could expect from their monarch and superiors. 1295: Model Parliament Summoned by Edward I and generally regarded as the first representative assembly. 1341: Separation of Commons and Lords […]

Legislation will increase sentences for the most serious and violent offenders and ensure the timely administration of justice. Proposals will be brought forward to address violence, including against women and girls, and to support victims. Measures will be brought forward to establish a fairer immigration system that strengthens the United Kingdom’s borders and deters criminals who facilitate dangerous and illegal journeys.

My Lords, I am honoured to be here and I thank noble Lords for their welcome. I also thank Black Rod and his staff for their marvellous help and support. I regard it as a privilege to be a Member of this House and look forward to playing my part. I thank in particular the noble Baroness, Lady Brinton, for initiating this debate, and for her powerful and passionate speech. I am very grateful to be able to make my maiden speech in this debate.

TABLE OF CONTENTS MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN SENATE SESSIONS LEGISLATION AT A GLANCE LEGISLATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS  Ordinances laid before the Senate during PY 2020-21  Government Bills received from the N.A during PY 2020-21  Money Bills received from the N.A during PY 2020-21  Government Bills Passed by the Senate during PY 2020-21  Private Members‟ Bills introduced in […]

The Guidelines are designed to assist departmental and agency officials, statutory office holders and the staff of statutory authorities in their dealings with the parliament. The term ‘official’ is used throughout the Guidelines; it includes all persons employed by the Commonwealth who are undertaking duties within a Commonwealth department or agency (whether employed under the Public Service Act 1999 or other legislation) and those in government business enterprises, corporations and companies.

The dividing line between privileged and non‑privileged activities of each House is not easy to define. Perhaps the nearest approach to a definition is that the areas in which the courts ought not to intervene extend beyond proceedings in Parliament, but the privileged areas must be so closely and directly connected with proceedings in Parliament that intervention by the courts would be inconsistent with Parliament’s sovereignty as a legislative and deliberative assembly.

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