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Standing Orders of the Senate: Parliament of Spain

When the Senate is constituted on a provisional basis it shall only deal with matters of incompatibility unless that, following a parliamentary initiative or a Government statement, the debate of any other business may be considered indispensable. For the implementation of such initiative, a motion signed by a Parliamentary Group or by twenty-five Senators is required.

Senate Practice-House of Parliament Spain

House of Parliament, which represents the Spanish people (section 66.1 of the Constitution) and which is also the House of territorial or regional representation (section 69.1 of the Constitution). It is made up of Senators who can be elected by electoral districts/constituencies, or appointed by Regional Parliaments.

Imperative mandate.

Model of political representation whereby a member of the assembly does not perform their functions independently but rather on the direct orders of their elector, be it an institution or person. The […]