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Difference between prorogation of the Legislature and an adjournment of a meeting of the Legislature

A session is the period of time between the meeting of a Parliament, whether after, a prorogation or dissolution, and its prorogation. …. During the course of a session, either House may adjourn itself of its own motion to such date as it pleases. The period between the prorogation of Parliament and its re-assembly in a new session is termed a ‘recess’; while the period between the adjournment of either house and the resumption of its sitting is generally called as ‘adjourned’.

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act adjourn adjourn for more than 3 days adjournment sine die adjournment to a day and time certain advice and consent amendment amendment in the nature of a substitute appeal appropriation authorization […]


A Parliamentary procedural term The purpose of Adjournment Motion is to draw the attention of the House to a definite matter of urgent public importance and seek discussion on the subject forthwith by adjourning the Business […]