The Criminal Codez dnia 6 czerwca 1997 r. (Dz.U. tłum. gb Nr 88, poz. 553) Część General part. Rozdział I. Principles of criminal liability. Art. 1. Conditions of liability.§ 1. Only a person who commits an act punishable under the law in force at that time bears criminal liability.§ 2. If the effects of a prohibited act on society are […]

Having regard for the existence and future of our Homeland,

Which recovered, in 1989, the possibility of a sovereign and democratic determination of its fate,

We, the Polish Nation – all citizens of the Republic,

Both those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty,

As well as those not sharing such faith but respecting those universal values as arising from other sources,

Acts of generally applicable law are published in official publications : Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, Official Journal of the Republic of Poland – “Monitor Polski”, official journals of ministers, official journals of central offices and voivodeship official journals.

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