CPI(M) collapsed because it abandoned basic path of class struggle-All India Left Coordination

The All India Left Coordination, which was formed through a National Convention in Delhi on August 11, 2010, sponsored jointly by the CPI(ML)(liberation), CPM Punjab, Lal Nishan Party (Leninist) of Maharashtra and Left Coordination Committee, Kerala, rejects these shrill cries of bourgeois triumphalism and appeals to the people to see through this political and ideological game plan of the ruling classes, that have already launched a war on the people, on their resources and rights, livelihood and liberty.

Democratic Government-A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami-15/09/1971

Regarding the government injunction, that is the worst situation of this age. The so called democratic government means some of the sudras, rascals without any knowledge of the highest aim of life. By hook and crook they get some votes and get the responsible chair in government. Naturally they can whimsically enact any law which is against the interest of the people in general. According to the Vedic literature, the government's first duty is to see whether people are following the rules and regulations of varnasrama dharma. That is explained in Bhagavad-gita also. Without coming to the system of Varnasrama dharma there is no question of human society.

প্রাচীন ভারতবর্ষের রাজনীতি-বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়-Politics of Ancient India-Bankim Chandra

মহাভারতের সভাপর্ব্বে দেবর্ষি নারদ যুধিষ্ঠিরকে প্রশ্নচ্ছলে কতকগুলি রাজনৈতিক উপদেশ দিয়াছেন। প্রাচীন ভারতে রাজনীতি কত দূর উন্নতি প্রাপ্ত হইয়াছিল, উহা তাহার পরিচয়। মুসলমানদিগের অপেক্ষা হিন্দুরা যে রাজনীতিতে বিজ্ঞতর ছিলেন, উহা পাঠ করিলে সংশয় থাকে না। প্রাচীন রোমক এবং আধুনিক ইউরোপীয়গণ ভিন্ন আর কোন জাতি তাদৃশ উন্নতি লাভ করিতে পারে নাই। ভারতবর্ষীয় রাজারা যে অন্যান্য সকল জাতির অপেক্ষা অধিক কাল আপনাদিগের গৌরব রক্ষা করিয়াছিলেন, এই রাজনীতিজ্ঞতা তাহার এক কারণ। হিন্দুদিগের ইতিবৃত্ত নাই; এক একটি শাসনকর্ত্তার গুণগান করিয়া শত শত পৃষ্ঠা লিখিবার উপায় নাই। কিন্তু তাঁহাদিগের কৃত কার্য্যের যে কিছু পরিচয় পাওয়া যায়, তাহাতেই অনেক কথা বলা যাইতে পারে।

Notes on Nationalism-George Orwell-1945

By 'nationalism' I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled 'good' or 'bad'.[See note, below] But secondly—and this is much more important—I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism.

Reflection on Mohandas Gandhi – George Orwell-1949

Gandhi himself, in his middle thirties, took the vow of BRAMAHCHARYA, which means not only complete chastity but the elimination of sexual desire. This condition, it seems, is difficult to attain without a special diet and frequent fasting. One of the dangers of milk-drinking is that it is apt to arouse sexual desire. And finally this is the cardinal point—for the seeker after goodness there must be no close friendships and no exclusive loves whatever.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Comrades, you have heard already about the strange dream that I had last night. But I will come to the dream later. I have something else to say first. I do not think, comrades, that I shall be with you for many months longer, and before I die, I feel it my duty to pass on to you such wisdom as I have acquired. I have had a long life, I have had much time for thought as I lay alone in my stall, and I think I may say that I understand the nature of life on this earth as well as any animal now living. It is about this that I wish to speak to you.

Address at the First Zionist Congress -Max Nordau-1897

The Western Jew has bread, but man does not live on bread alone. The life of the Western Jew is no longer endangered through the enmity of the mob; but bodily wounds are not the only wounds that cause pain, and from which one may bleed to death. The Western Jew meant emancipation to be real liberation, and hastened to draw the final conclusions therefrom. But the nations made him fear that he erred in being so heedlessly logical.

What is Politics

Politics Politics is the process and method of decision-making for groups of human beings. Although it is generally applied to governments, politics is also observed in all human group interactions including corporate, academic, and religious. Political science is the study of political behavior and examines the acquisition and…

Political Islamism in Bangladesh: A Fascist Ideology

Now the Mullah have come up with 13 point demand of imposing blasphemy rule including giving punishment to what they say ‘Atheist’ bloggers, inclusion of name of Allah and Mohammad in constitution, making religious education compulsory up to higher secondary level, annulment of women policy and destroy all the sculptures of the country.