Law of the Constitutional Court of Portugal

The Constitutional Court is responsible for the prior verification of the constitutionality and legality of proposals for national, regional and local referenda, envisaged in n.º 1 of article 115, n.º 2 of article 232 and in articles 240 and 256 of the Constitution, including consideration of requirements relating to the respective voting population, and for whatever else it has competence for according to the law regarding the implementation of such referenda.

Portugal Act of Legislative Initiative by Citizens-2003

The present Law regulates the terms and conditions under which groups of registered electors exercise the right to initiate legislation at the Assembly of the Republic in accordance with Article 167 of the Constitution, together with their participation in the legislative procedure to which they have given rise.

Law governing Political Parties

Political parties shall contribute to the free formation and plural expression of the popular will and to the organisation of political power, with respect for the principles of national independence, the unity of the state and political democracy.

Constitution of the Portugal Republic

The Constituent Assembly affirms the Portuguese people’s decision to defend national independence, guarantee citizens’ fundamental rights, establish the basic principles of democracy, ensure the primacy of a democratic state based on the rule of law and open up a path towards a socialist society, with respect for the will of the Portuguese people and with a view to the construction of a country that is freer, more just and more fraternal.