The Selection Board shall call such number of successful candidates in the written test in the Second Phase for viva voce/personality test as it thinks fit strictly according to merit list prepared on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by those candidates but such number in no case should exceed five times the number of vacant posts.
The High Court reserves the right to relax above eligibility criteria and qualifying marks in each subject or aggregate, if required.

The Indian Civil Service is very different. It is a compact, organised body consisting of about nine hundred specially selected and highly-trained officers, with duties and privileges defined by statute. The highest official in India, the Viceroy, is not ordinarily a member of the Service, nor, on the other hand, is a single clerk included in its ranks. The Indian ‘civilian,’ the man lawfully entitled to write the letters C. S. or I. C. S. after his name, may in the course of his service be many things successively, or all at once, but, whatever he may be or become, he can never, even in his most junior and ‘griffin’ days, be a clerk.

It is said, I know, that examinations in Latin, in Greek, and in mathematics, are no tests of what men will prove to be in life. I am perfectly aware that they are not infallible tests: but that they are tests I confidently maintain. Look at every walk of life, at this House, at the other House, at the Bar, at the Bench, at the Church, and see whether it be not true that those who attain high distinction in the world were generally men who were distinguished in their academic career.

HIGHER JUDICIAL SERVICE EXAMINATION 1- Which one of the following features does not support the federal character of Indian Constitution? (A) Distribution of powers between Centre and States (B) Authority of Courts (C) Supremacy of the Constitution (D) Single citizenship Answer: (D) 2- Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below: List – I […]

In continuation of this Court’s notice published In varIOUS newspapers, on the website and elsewhere on 28.12.2019 whereby 19 vacancies [16 existing vacancies and 03 anticipated vacancies] have been advertised for Delhi Higher Judicial Service Examination­2019, it is hereby notified that the category wise bifurcation of 19 vacancies for Delhi Higher Judicial Service Examination – 2019 shall now be read as under:

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