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OBCs in West Bengal [Central List]

1 Baishya Kapali 12011/9/94BCC dt.19/10/1994 (size : 2.22MB)     2 Barujibi 12011/9/94BCC dt.19/10/1994 (size : 2.22MB)     3 Goala-Gope(Pallav Gope, Ballav Gope, Yadav Gope, Gope, Ahir and Yadav) 12011/68/98-BCC dt.27/10/1999 (size : 1.75MB)     12011/9/94BCC […]

Who are the persons excluded from reservation as creamy layer.

n the case of Ashoka Kumar Thakur Vs. State of Bihar and others, , the exclusion of creamy layer from the Other Backward Citizens was again considered by the Apex Court in furtherance of its earlier decision in Indra Sawhney in which case there was agreement amongst eight out of nine Judges. It held that the occupants of the posts like IAS, IPS and Officers of All India Services rise quite high socially and such persons could no longer be socially disadvantaged. Their children get full opportunities to realize their potential and are in no way handicapped in the social life.

What is the meaning of Scheduled Castes

a person who is recognised as a member of
Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes in his original
State, will be entitled to all the benefits of reservation
under the Constitution in that State only and not in
other States/Union Territories and not entitled to the
benefits of reservation in the migrated State/Union