Russian Security Council

The Security Council is formed by the President in accordance with the Constitution and the Federal Law “On Security”. The President chairs the Council and appoints its members.

Russian Government Decree № 714 “Approval of rules for compulsory insurance of the life and health of patient”

This Typical rules determines insurance rates for compulsory insurance of the life and health of a Patient involved in Clinical Trials of a medicinal product (hereinafter “Clinical Trials”), the order of establishing of the individual identification code of the Patient by the Insurant, the order of informing of the Insurer by the Insurant on the Patients involved in Clinical Trials the procedure for the payment of the insurance premium, the list of documents required to enable payment of benefits, the procedure for exercising the rights and obligations of the parties to a compulsory life and health insurance of a Patient involved in Clinical Trials, against any harm caused to the Patient’s life or health as a result of the clinical trial and effecting on relations, emerged from the above mentioned agreement.


This Federal Law regulates relations arising in connection with circulation, i.e. development, preclinical trials, clinical trials, expert examination, state registration, standardization and quality control, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, import into the Russian Federation, export from the Russian Federation, advertising, dispensation, distribution, transfer, use and destruction of medicines.

Constitution of the Soviet Union(USSR) 1936

The socialist system of economy and the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production, firmly established as a result of the abolition of the capitalist system of economy, the abrogation of private ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, constitute the economic foundation of the U.S.S.R.


We, the multinational people of the Russian Federation, united by a common fate on our land, establishing human rights and freedoms, civil peace and accord, preserving the historically established State unity, proceeding from universally acknowledged principles of equality and self-determination of peoples, revering the memory of ancestors who have passed on to us their love for the Fatherland and faith in good and justice, reviving the sovereign statehood of Russia and asserting the firmness of its democratic basis, striving to ensure the well-being and prosperity of Russia, proceeding from the responsibility for our Fatherland before present and future generations, recognizing ourselves to be a part of the world community, do hereby adopt THE CONSTITUTION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.