The idea of describing the physical world entirely in terms of geometry has a history dating back to Einstein and Klein in the early decades of the century. This approach to physics had early success in general relativity but the appearance of quantum mechanics guided the development of theoretical physics in a different direction for a long time. During the past quarter of a century the programme of Einstein and Klein has seen a renaissance embodied in gauge theories and, more recently, superstring theory.

Science, in the broadest sense, refers to any system of knowledge which attempts to model objective reality. In a more restricted sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.

Since the days of Sir W. Jones, Sanskrit literature, in almost every department, has been zealously ransacked by scholars, both European and Indian. As the results of their labours we are now in possession of ample facts and data, which enable us to from some idea of the knowledge of the Hindus of old in the fields of Philosophy and Mathematics including Astronomy, Arthmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry.

Mitochondria play a central role in cellular function and metabolism by coupling cellular respiration to the production of ATP. However, this coupling is not perfectly tight. Approximately 20% of the standard metabolic rate in mammals is due to a leak of protons across the mitochondrial inner membrane (basal proton leak) in a manner that uncouples cellular respiration from ATP production, thereby […]

For the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations N = R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L Where: N = The number of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable. R* = The rate of formation of stars suitable for the development of intelligent life. fp = The fraction of those stars with planetary systems. ne = The […]

A huge study of babies’ stool samples under “baby biome” project has found key differences between infants born vaginally and via Caesarean section, offering clues about the development of the human immune system in early age. Vaginally born babies got most of their gut bacteria from their mother, whereas C-section babies received it from the hospital surrounding. The study helps […]

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