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Method of Inquiry in Sexual Harassment case as laid down by Delhi High Court

Primarily, in a sexual harassment complaint, the committee has to verify and analyse the capability of the aggrieved to depose before them fearlessly without any intimidation. If the Committee is of the view that the aggrieved is a feeble and cannot withstand any cross examination, the Committee can adopt such other measures to ensure that the witnesses statement is contradicted or corrected by the delinquent in other manner. The fair opportunity, therefore, has to be understood in the context of atmosphere of free expression of grievance. If the Committee is of the view that the witness or complainant can freely depose without any fear, certainly, the delinquent can be permitted to have verbal cross examination of such witnesses. In cases, where the Committee is of the view that the complainant is not in a position to express freely, the Committee can adopt such other method permitting the delinquent to contradict and correct either by providing statement to the delinquent and soliciting his objections to such statement.

Sexual violence and Medico-legal evidence

The Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013, in Section 357C Cr.PC says that both private and
public health professionals are obligated to provide treatment. Denial of treatment of rape survivors is punishable under Section 166 B IPC with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both