We have to see each other not as enemies, but as fellow Americans. We’re a good people. The only nation in the world built on an idea — the only one. Other nations are defined by geography, ethnicity, but we’re the only nation based on an idea that all of us, every one of us, is created equal in the image of God. A nation that stands as a beacon to the world. A nation in a new age of possibilities.

One of the key aspects of integration cooperation is the training of qualified personnel and the creation of new jobs. The Eurasian labour market should meet the ambitious challenges of developing high-tech industries and introducing digital technologies into production. In this regard, it is important to strive for harmonisation of national science and technology programmes, development of common educational and professional standards, and the launch of joint training programmes and common textbooks in technical subjects and the humanities.


The permanent reality of marriage needs to be rediscovered, and it is marriage as a bond. This word is at times regarded with suspicion, as if it were an external imposition, a burden, a “tether” in opposition to the authenticity and freedom of love. If instead the bond is understood precisely as a bond of love, then it reveals itself as the core of marriage, as a divine gift that is the source of true freedom and which preserves matrimonial life.

As of October 2022, there were approximately 33 crore active users of mobile banking services and approximately 7.5 crore active users of internet banking services. The revolution in data storage and processing capabilities has enabled non-banks to offer financial services such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding, alternative credit scoring, open banking etc. In the area of payments, the transformation has been particularly striking, with 24*7*365 RTGS/NEFT, UPI, digital pre-paid instruments, QR Scan & Pay, Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), AePS ushering in a new era of digital payments.

Comrade Jiang was an outstanding leader enjoying high prestige acknowledged by the whole Party, the entire military and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, a great Marxist, a great proletarian revolutionary, statesman, military strategist and diplomat, a long-tested communist fighter, and an outstanding leader of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He was the core of the Party’s third generation of central collective leadership and the principal founder of the Theory of Three Represents.


Only one recent massive attack on Ukraine affected more than 20 million of our people. As a result, cities with millions of inhabitants and most Ukrainian regions were left completely without electricity. In general, on the evening of December 16, 22 million 408 thousand Ukrainians were disconnected from the energy supply. More than 10 million people had their water and heat supplies cut off. Imagine the scale of this terror.

The media, reporting accurately and fairly on legal proceedings and judgments, including criticism, even strong criticism, make an invaluable contribution to public confidence in the judiciary and, thus, to the rule of law itself. On the other hand, inaccurate, unfair or sensationalized reportage — fortunately rare in Canada — has the potential to distort the public’s view of the justice system and undermine public confidence in the rule of law.

Behind the charge of judicial activism which we hear so often of late, lies the myth of certainty – the myth that if the judge looks long enough and hard enough the law will always provide a clear, indisputable answer upon which all will agree. For many cases – indeed most – this is true. But for others – the ones lawyers and judges call hard cases – there are no certain answers. Judges have no choice but to give the answer that in the end, after deep reflection and consideration of all relevant facts and rules, they conclude is best.

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