Curriculum for Training of District Judge Cadre Approved by Patna High Court for BJA

Curriculum for Training of District Judge Cadre (Including District & Sessions Judges, Principal Judges and Additional District & Sessions Judges) (Approved by Full Court of Hon’ble Patna High Court) Bihar Judicial Academy Gaighat, Gulzarbagh, Patna-7 S.No Contents 1 Details of…

Direct Recruitment to Bihar Superior Judicial Service 2021 From Bar – 8/12/2021

The application shall be filled up online ( from 12.2021 to 20.01.2022 till 23:59 hours after which the link shall be disabled. However, the link shall remain available upto 27.01.2022 till 23:59 hours only for the purpose of uploading the scanned photograph, signature, declaration written in the handwriting of the candidate, filling in Bank reference number and obtaining the printout of the application form.

Syllabus of Valuation Examination for Asset Class: Plant & Machinery, Land & Building, and Securities/Financial Assets

Effective from:  1st April 2019 The Central Government notified the commencement of Section 247 (relating to valuers) of the Companies Act, 2013 with effect from 18th October, 2017. It also notified the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017 on…

Corporate and Securities Laws-LLM-Osmania University

Formation, Registration and Incorporation of company : Nature and kinds of company - Promoters: Position, duties and liabilities - Mode and consequences of incorporation, - Uses and abuses of the corporate form, lifting of corporate veil, - Memorandum of Association, alteration and the doctrine of ultra vires, - Articles of association, binding nature, alteration, relation with memorandum of association, doctrine of constructive notice and indoor management-exceptions.

Jurisprudence Syllabus-LLM-Osmania University

Meaning of Positivism-Analytical positivism of Bentham and Austin-Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law-Hart's Concept of Law-Dworkin's criticism-Hart-Fuller controversy-Hart-Devlin's debate-Modern trends in Analytical and Normative Jurisprudence-Rawls and Distributive Justice-Nozick and the Minimal State.

UGC NET Law Syllabus

1. Sources and schools
2. Marriage and dissolution of marriage
3. Matrimonial remedies - Divorce and theories of divorce
4. Changing dimensions of institution of marriage – Live-in relationship
5. Recognition of foreign decrees in India on marriage and divorce
6. Maintenance, dower and stridhan
7. Adoption, guardianship and acknowledgement
8. Succession and inheritance
9. Will, gift and wakf
10. Uniform Civil Code

Syllabus of Law and Justice in a Globalizing World- Hidayatullah National Law University

LLM-Syllabus of Law and Justice in a Globalizing World   Module I- Introduction • Concept of Law & Justice • Lawmaking power of different organs of the State • Components of Judicial Process (Judges, Lawyers, Law Schools) commissions & committees…

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management-Syllabus

The course emphasizes portfolio management as a dynamic process in which the concepts from security analysis are factored into the dynamics of strategic and tactical investment decision-making criteria. The course covers the formulation of appropriate investment portfolio objectives for a key institutional investor, and alternative techniques for achieving them.