Every recognised clerk shall, while attending the Court or the offices attached to the Court, come properly dressed with a black coat on, and display the certificate of registration issued to him on, the left side of the coat. No person registered as a recognised clerk of one advocate shall be business in Court and offices on behalf of any other advocate unless he has registered himself as a recognised clerk of that advocate as well. Provided that one person cannot be recognised clerk of more than two advocates.

The Jains in South Kanara district are about 9,000 in number and are rich landowners. In matters of faith and religious practices they conform to the Jains in other parts of India. They belong to the Digambara Sect. Their shrines situated in Karkal, Venur, Mudabidri and other places are worshipped by all classes of Jains in India and are visited by pilgrims in large numbers annually. In matters of social usages, they conform to those prevailing among the higher classes of Hindus governed by the Mitakshara Law of Inheritance.

  Sr. No Fee Description Amount (in Rs) 1 For the application for previous sanction to commence or conduct a chit under sub-section (2) of Section 4.     a) When the duration of the chit does not extend beyond a year Rs.20/- per ticket or instalment whichever is higher subject to a minimum of Rs.500/-   b) When the […]

Sr. No Fee Description Amount (in Rs) 1 For Registration of a society 4000 2 For filing of any document during the first financial year of the society. 200 3 For filing of any document from the second financial year of the society,-     a) when the annual receipt or expenditure of the society during the preceding financial year […]

Tamil Nadu Act 49 of 1987 Received the assent of the Governor on 1987 and published in Part IV-Section 2 of the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 27th May, 1987. An Act to provide for the constitution of a Welfare Fund for the benefit of advocates on cessation of practice and for matters connected therewith or incidents thereto […]

Tamil Nadu State Law Published vide Notification No. SRO C-3/74. – ROC No. 1032/64-FI By virtue of the powers conferred by Article 227 of the Constitution of India read with section 27 of the Legal Practitioners’ Act, 1879 (Central Act XVIII of 1879) and all other powers thereunto enabling and in supersession of all rules relating, to the fees payable […]

Tamil Nadu State Laws Published vide Notification No. Rules framed by the High Court of Madras, R.O.C. 876/ 80F2, dated 30.11.1998 – S.R.O. No. C-32/88 By virtue of the powers conferred under Article 225 and 227 of the Constitution of India and of all other powers hereunto enabling, and with the previous approval of the Governor of Tamil Nadu, the […]

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