Special Economic zone

Special Economic Zone     – SEEPZ Special Economic Zone – Kandla Special Economic Zone – Cochin Special Economic Zone – Madras Special Economic Zone – Visakhapatnam SEZ – Falta Special Economic Zone – Noida Export Processing Zone GOI Acts / Policies – SEZ ACT – SEZ Rules and Amendments – Notifications/Circulars – Instructions State SEZ Acts Gujarat SEZ Act Haryana SEZ Act Madhya Pradesh SEZ … Continue reading Special Economic zone

Quality control in Export trade of India

Export-with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means taking out of India to a place outside India. “Quality control” means any activity having for its object the determination of the quality of a commodity (whether during the process of manufacture or production or subsequently) in order to ascertain whether it satisfies the standard specifications applicable to it or any other specifications stipulated in the export contract and whether it … Continue reading Quality control in Export trade of India

Custom Law in India

The Customs Act, 1962 Customs Act, 1962 Chapter- I Preliminary Chapter -II Officers of Customs Chapter -III Appointment of Customs Ports, Airports, Warehousing Stations etc. Chapter -IV Prohibitions on importation and exportation of goods Chapter- IVA Detection of illegally imported goods and prevention of the disposal thereof Chapter – IVB Prevention or Detection of Illegal Export of Goods Chapter- IVC Power to exempt from the … Continue reading Custom Law in India

Indian Foreign Trade

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Introduction : Imports and exports are the two important components of a foreign trade. Foreign trade is the exchange of goods and services between the two countries, across their international borders.In India, exports and imports are regulated by the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992, which replaced the Imports and Exports (Control) Act, 1947, and gave the Government of India enormous powers to control it. Continue reading “Indian Foreign Trade”