Ordinary Provisions for Inquiry and Trials before Criminal Courts in India

 Cr.P.C - Chapter XXIV-  General Provisions as to Inquiries and Trials [sec 300 to 327] 300. Person once convicted or acquitted not to be tried for same offence (1) A person who has once been tried by a Court of competent jurisdiction for an offence and convicted or acquitted of such offence shall, while such conviction or… Continue reading Ordinary Provisions for Inquiry and Trials before Criminal Courts in India


Summary Trials by Magistrate

Chapter XXI Summary Trials 260. Power to try summarily (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Code– (a)any Chief Judicial Magistrate; (b)any Metropolitan Magistrate; (c)any Magistrate of the first class specially empowered in this behalf by the High Court, may, if he thinks fit, try in a summary way all or any of the following offences:– (i)offences… Continue reading Summary Trials by Magistrate


Trial of Warrant-Cases by Magistrates

Chapter XIX Trial of Warrant-Cases by Magistrates A. —Cases instituted on a police report 238. Compliance with section 207 When in any warrant-case instituted on a police report, the accused appears or is brought before a Magistrate at the commencement of the trial, the Magistrate shall satisfy himself that he has complied with the provisions… Continue reading Trial of Warrant-Cases by Magistrates

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Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates

Law Library Chapter XX Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates Punishment up to Two years  The Summons / Warrants to be executed by Police. The copy of the Complaint along with all the documents relied upon by the Complainant must be furnished to the accused Dismissal of Complaint for default – section 256 Examination of accused… Continue reading Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates