Orissa Lift Irrigation Corporation Ltd. Vs. Rabi Sankar Patro & Ors.[SC 2018 January]

KEYWORDS:-Deemed to be University in question through distance learning mode-AICTE- ONE TIME RELAXATION- DATE:- 22nd January, 2018. This facility is given as one-time exception so that those who have the ability and can pass the test in the first attempt itself, should not be put to inconvenience. If the candidates pass in such first attempt, they would be entitled to retain all the advantages. But if … Continue reading Orissa Lift Irrigation Corporation Ltd. Vs. Rabi Sankar Patro & Ors.[SC 2018 January]

Utkal University LLM Syllabus

2018   LLM Pre-Ph.D Core Subjects (CS)  for 1st Semester  LLM-CS-01-P-I            Law & Social Transformation in India LLM-CS-02-P-II         New Dimensions in Indian Constitution LLM-CS-03-P-III         Judicial Process LLM-CS-04-P-IV         Legal Education System in India LLM-CS-05-P-V          Presentation (PPT) (Internal) Core Subjects (CS) for 2nd Semester CS-06    LLM-CS-06-P-VI      Law and Social Engineering in India CS-07    LLM-CS-07-P-VII     Indian Constitutional Law: The New Challenges. CS-08     LLM-CS-08-P-VIII    Administration of Justice and Judicial Process CS-09 … Continue reading Utkal University LLM Syllabus

The Serampore College Act, 1918 [ West Bengal ]

Bengal Act 4 of 1918 [1st May, 1918] An Act to supplement, and in certain matters to supersede, the Royal Charter of Incorporation and the Statute and Regulation of the Serampore College. Whereas on the 23rd day of February, 1827, the institution established in Serampore, Bengal, and known as the Serampore College, was incorporated by Royal Charter granted by his late Danish Majesty King Frederick the … Continue reading The Serampore College Act, 1918 [ West Bengal ]

The Central Universities Act, 2009

Central Universities Act, 2009 1. Short title and commencement. 2. Definitions. 3. Establishment of Universities. 3A. Special provision with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. 4. Effect of establishment of Universities. 5. Objects of University. 6. Powers of University. 7. University open to all castes, creed, race or class. 8. Visitor of University. 9. Officers of University. 10. Chancellor. 11. Vice-Chancellor. 12. Pro-Vice-Chancellor. … Continue reading The Central Universities Act, 2009

Departments under Faculty of Medicine, Banaras Hindu University

Departments of:- Anatomy Biochemistry Forensic Medicine Medicine Microbiology. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ophthalmology Physiology Pharmacology Pathology Preventive and Social Medicine Paediatrics Radiology Surgery Anaesthesiology Biophysics Dentistry Orthopaedics (xix) Otorhinolaryngology (xx) Psychiatry (xxi) Radiotherapy and Radiation Medicine (xxii) Dermetology and Venereology (xxiii) Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (xxiv)Neuro-surgery (xxv) Plastic Surgery (xxvi) Urology (xxvii) Paediatrics Surgery (xxviii) Neurology (xxix) Nephrology (xxx) Gastroenterology (xxxi) Endocrinology (xxxii) Cardiothoracic Surgery (xxxiii) … Continue reading Departments under Faculty of Medicine, Banaras Hindu University

University Codes in India

UNIVERSITY GRANT COMMISSION Aligarh Muslim University Act, 1920 All India Council For Technical Education Act,1987 All India Institute of Medical Science Act,1956 Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Act, 1994 Banaras Hindu University Act, 1915 Central Agricultural University Act, 1992 Central Educational Institutions (Reservation In Admission) Act, 2006 Central Universities Act,2009 Delhi University Act, 1922 Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954 Dr. Rajendra Prasad … Continue reading University Codes in India