The Nature of Slavery- Esther Copley

Slavery, in its widest sense, is the absolute subjection of one human being to the will of another. The slave is considered as the absolute property of the master, who feels himself entitled to do what he will with his own. The slave is constrained to labour, whether he will or not; and that for the benefit of his master, not his own; the master alone having authority to appoint the nature of work on which the slave shall be employed, the time when he shall be constrained to labour or permitted to rest, and the amount of work that he shall be required to perform.

Caste and Congress are closely linked- B.R. Ambedkar-1954

The Congress always wins, so it is found. But no one asks why does the Congress win ? The answer is that Congress is very popular. But why is the Congress popular ? The true answer is that Congress always puts up candidates which belong to castes which are in the majority in the constituencies. Caste and Congress are closely linked. It is by exploiting the caste system that the Congress wins.


A report is a brief description based on the accountant's professional judgement conveying the nature and extent of services performed and the degree of responsibility assumed for the client's representations contained in the related financial statements. ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF…

Tobacco Or Tobacco Products

Tobacco or any  product containing tobacco, including, but not limited to, the following: (a) Cigarettes. (b) Cigars. (c) Chewing tobacco. (d) Snuff. (e) Pipe tobacco. (f) Smokeless tobacco. ALABAMA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL BOARD ADMINISTRATIVE CODE


Presumptions are given the effect of placing upon the opposing party the burden of establishing the nonexistence of the presumed fact, once the party invoking the presumption establishes the basic facts giving rise to it.

Interpleader means

A special form of action under the modern common law, allowed by statutes and now codified in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 22, in which a party that is aware of its liability to either of two or more parties may initiate a lawsuit to determine to whom it is liable and to extinguish its liability to the other possible claimants against it.