No.25022/82/96-F.1 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS Dated: 10.4.1996. To Home Secretaries of all the State Governments and U.T. Administration. It has come to notice that some foreigners who enter India on the strength of tourist visas, indulge in religious/Tabligh work against the Visa rules/regulations and thus render themselves to action under the Foreigners Act, 1946. State Governments are […]

Look out circular (LOC) is a circular letter used by authorities to check whether a traveling person is wanted by the police. It may be used at immigration checks at international borders (like International airports or sea ports). In India, LOC has a given proforma which have identification parameters of criminals and help police to catch absconding criminals and stopping […]

Foreigners Act confers power on the Central government to expel foreigners from India. This power with the Central Government is absolute and unfettered. There is no provision in the Constitution fettering the discretion of the Central Government.

Tourist is defined as “a foreigner having no residence or occupation in India, whose stay in India does not ordinarily exceed six months, who has no other object in visiting India, than recreation, sightseeing or attending, in a representative capacity, meetings convened by the Government of India or International bodies or any other meeting or conference cleared by the Government […]

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