Act and Ordinance of West Bengal-2022-2013 2022 The West Bengal Appropriation (no. 1) Act, 2022 (West Bengal Act I of 2022) The West Bengal Appropriation (no. 2) Act, 2022 (West Bengal Act II of 2022) The West Bengal Finance Act, 2022 (West Bengal Act III of 2022) The West Bengal Fiscal Responsibility And Budget Management (amendment) Act, 2022 (West Bengal […]

A Regulation for extending to the Province of Benares the rates of interest on future loans, and provisions relative thereto, contained in Regulation XV 1793; also for a general extension of the period fixed by Regulation I, 1798, and XXXIV, 1803 for the redemption of mortgages and conditional sales of land, under deeds of bai-bil-wafa, kat-kabala or other similar designation.

The lands gained from the rivers or sea by the means above mentioned are a frequent source of contention and affray, the although the law and custom of the country have established rules applicable to such cases, these rules not being generally known, the Courts of Justice have sometimes found it difficult to determine the rights of litigant parties claiming chars or other lands gained in the manner above described.

West Bengal Stamp (Prevention of Undervaluation of Instruments) Rules, 2001 Published vide Notification No. 821-F.T, dated 1st March, 2001 (w.e.f. 15.03.2001) and published in the Calcutta Gazette Extraordinary, Part 1, dated 5.03.2001. As amended by Notification No. 1614-FT, dated 5.10.2010 [With effect from 5.10.2010] In exercise of the power conferred by clause (16B) of section 2, section 27, section 47A […]

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