Category: West Bengal Legislation

Bengal Land (Conditional Sales) Regulation 1798

It has been long a prevalent practice in the Province of Bihar to borrow money on the mortgage and conditional sale of landed property, under stipulation that if the sum borrowed be not repaid (with or without interest) by a fixed period, the sale shall become absolute.

Bengal Land (Redemption and Foreclosure) Regulation 1806

A Regulation for extending to the Province of Benares the rates of interest on future loans, and provisions relative thereto, contained in Regulation XV 1793; also for a general extension of the period fixed by Regulation I, 1798, and XXXIV, 1803 for the redemption of mortgages and conditional sales of land, under deeds of bai-bil-wafa, kat-kabala or other similar designation.

Bengal Alluvion and Diluvion Regulation 1825

The lands gained from the rivers or sea by the means above mentioned are a frequent source of contention and affray, the although the law and custom of the country have established rules applicable to such cases, these rules not being generally known, the Courts of Justice have sometimes found it difficult to determine the rights of litigant parties claiming chars or other lands gained in the manner above described.

West Bengal State Higher Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act 2013

the State of West Bengal

An Act to provide for reservation of seats for admission of the students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes domiciled in the State of West Bengal to certain Higher Educational Institutions in the State of West Bengal which are established, maintained or aided by the State Government, and for such matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

Functions of a Collector in respect of Conversion Cases [In West Bengal]

the State of West Bengal

In exercise of the power conferred by clause (4) of section 2 of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955 (West Bengal Act No. 10 of 1956) and in supersession of all earlier notifications on the subject-matter, the Governor is pleased hereby to appoint, with immediate effect, the officers mentioned in column (2) of Table below to discharge the functions of a Collector in respect of the conversion cases i.e. change of area, character or use of land under section 4C of the said Act, within the jurisdiction mentioned in column (3) of the said Table against each of such officers:

Simplified Procedure of Mutation [in West bengal]

Application for mutation shall be received in the office of the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer by one or two officials who will be entrusted to do the job by the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer depending upon the flow of such applications in that office from time to time. No such application shall be received unless the same is submitted in the proforma as prescribed below which may be either typed or handwritten with requisite application fee and process fee along with the following documents

Commentaries on West Bengal Estates Acquisition Act 1953

the State of West Bengal

The interest of the intermediary was affected under the W.B.E.A. Act. But it is not a fact that no person other than intermediary was brought under the ambit of the W.B.E.A. Act. The words “and any of the rights of certain other persons in the lands comprised in the estates” have been inserted with retrospective effect by section 2 of the W.B.E.A. (Amendment) Act, 1961 (W.B. Act. IX of 1961). The preamble can be referred in case of any doubt in the interpretation of the provisions of a statute.