Bengali Literature-Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

It is a Bengali writer, Babu Rajendralála Mitra, who has said that in ancient times Bengal was the Boeotia of India. And the observation is correct. The contributions of Bengal to that ancient Indian literature which still commands the respect and attention of European scholars, were few and insignificant.

WB Housing Industry Regulation Act 2017 is repugnent to RERA and unconstitutional- SC 04/05/2021

WB-HIRA is repugnant to the RERA, and is hence unconstitutional. We also hold and declare that as a consequence of the declaration by this Court of the invalidity of the provisions of WB-HIRA, there shall be no revival of the provisions of the WB 1993 Act, since it would stand impliedly repealed upon the enactment of the RERA. Hence, in exercise of the jurisdiction under Article 142, we direct that the striking down of WB-HIRA will not affect the registrations, sanctions and permissions previously granted under the legislation prior to the date of this judgment

Guidelines on procedure for preparing a Cabinet Memorandum in West Bengal

The guidelines on procedure for preparing a Cabinet Memo., as detailed under chapter XIII of the Secretariat Manual, has undergone several modifications from time to time suggesting insertion of some necessary as well as important points. The objective of the instant circular is also to being another significant modification, as noted at paras- 3(a) and 3(b) below, in the existing guidelines.

Payment of Commission by WB Govt to Deptt. of Post on sale of Revenue Stamp by Post Offices.

With reference to the subject mentioned above the undersigned is directed to say that Government of West Bengal has agreed to the recommendation of the Standing Committee of the State Secretaries of Stamp and Registration made in the 5th meeting held on 11.06.2003 on the issue of payment of commission to the Deptt. of Post on sale of Revenue Stamp.

Current Pay Scale of Judicial officers (Sub-ordinate) in WB as per Padmanabhan Committee effect from 01/01/2006

to determine the pay scales of the Judicial Officers on the basis of the Justice Shetty Commission’s Report. On 17.7.2009 the Committee submitted its report before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India recommending different revised scales of pay and other allowances, pensionary benefits for the judicial officers. By its order dated 4.5.2010 the Hon’ble Supreme Court issued directions upon all the State Governments to implement the recommendations of the Justice Padmanabhan  Committee.

Personnel and Administrative Reform Dept. Govt of WB-India

The Personnel and Administrative Reform Dept. Govt of  West Bengal is  responsible for  controlling the cadre borne in IAS, WBCS (Executive), West Bengal Secretariat Service, West General Service, West Bengal Assistants & Typists in the West Bengal Secretariat.The Honourable Chief Minister of the Government of West Bengal is the Minister-in-charge of this department.