How to determine Market value of any land in West Bengal

the State of West Bengal

Under West Bengal Stamp (Prevention of Undervaluation of Instruments) Rules 2001

3. Manner of determination of market value and furnishing of particulars relating to any property. – (1) The market value within the meaning of clause [16(B)] of section 2 in relation to any land or any land with building shall, after taking into consideration the particulars referred to in sub rule (2), be determined on the basis of the highest price for which sale of any land or any land with building, of similar nature and area and in the same locality or in a comparable locality, has been negotiated and settled during the five consecutive years immediately proceeding the date of execution of any instrument setting forth such market value, or on the basis of any court decision after hearing the State Government, or on the basis of information, report or record that may be available from any court or any officer or authority of the Central Government or the State Government or any local authority or local body, or on the basis of consideration stated in such instrument for such land or land with building, whichever is greater.

(2) Any person executing an instrument of agreement or memorandum of an agreement relating to a sale or lease-cum-sale of immovable property, conveyance, exchange of property, gift, partition, power-of-attorney where proper stamp duty is payable on the basis of market value, settlement, transfer of lease by way of assignment, shall furnish to the registering officer, in addition to the particulars referred to in sub-section (1) and sub-section (2) of section 27, such particulars in respect of the property as may be applicable to that property and as specified in a statement in Form I, in case the land with building is situated in an urban area, in Form II, in case the land with building is situated in a rural area, in Form III, in case the land is situated in urban area, in Form IV, in case the land is situated in rural area.

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Recovery of House-rent Allowance in West Bengal

the State of West Bengal

West Bengal Workmen’s House-Rent Allowance Act, 1974

Sec 5. Recovery of House-rent Allowance – (1) If the house-rent allowance payable under this Act is not paid by the employer within the prescribed time, the workman or any other person authorised by him in writing in this behalf, or in the case of death of the workman, his legal representatives may, without prejudice to any other mode of recovery, made in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed, an application to the Controlling Authority having jurisdiction over the area in which the industry is situated, for the recorvery of the house-rent allowance due to him :

Provided that such application shall be made within one year from the date on which the house-rent allowance became due :

Provided further that such application may be entertained after the expiry of the said period of one year if the Controlling Authority is satisfied that the workman had sufficient cause for not making the application in time.

(2) The Controlling Authority to whom an application under sub-section (1) is made, may, after giving the applicant and the employer concerned an opportunity of being heard and after making such further inquiry, as may be considered necessary, determine, in such manner as may be prescribed, the amount of house-rent allowance due to the applicant and may, by an order, direct, without prejudice to any other action which may under this Act or any other law lie against the employer, the payment to the applicant of house-rent allowance so determined.

(3) Any amount directed to be paid by an order under sub section (2) may be recovered by any Magistrate to whom the Controlling Authority making the order makes application in this behalf as if it were a fine imposed by such Magistrate.

(4) An appeal shall lie in the prescribed manner and within the prescribed time from an order of the controlling authority dismissing any application or giving any direction under sub-section (2), to the State Government or to such authority not below the rank of Assistant Labour Commissioner, as the State Government may, by notification, appoint in this behalf.

6. Reference of Dispute under the Act. – Where any dispute arises between an employer and any workman with respect to the house-rent allowance payable under this Act or with respect to the application of this Act to an industry, such dispute shall be deemed to be an industrial dispute within the meaning of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (14 of 1947).

Refer : West Bengal Workmen’s House-Rent Allowance Act, 1974

Former Governors of west bengal

the State of West Bengal

Former Governors (Since Independence)

Shri Chakravarti Rajagopalachari15/08/1947  –  20/06/1948  
Dr. Kailash Nath Katju21/06/1948  –  31/10/1951  
Dr. Harendra Coomer Mookerjee01/11/1951  –  07/08/1956  
Smt. Padmaja Naidu03/11/1956  –  31/05/1967  
Shri Dharma Vira01/06/1967  –  31/03/1969  
Shri Shanti Swarup Dhavan19/09/1969  –  20/08/1971  
Shri Anthony Lancelot Dias21/08/1971  –  05/11/1977  
Shri Tribhuvan Narayan Singh06/11/1977  –  11/09/1981  
Shri Bhairab Dutt Pande12/09/1981  –  09/10/1983  
Shri Anant Prasad Sharma10/10/1983  –  15/08/1984  
Shri Uma Shankar Dikshit01/10/1984  –  11/08/1986  
Prof. Saiyid Nurul Hasan12/08/1986  –  01/03/1989  07/02/1990  –  12/07/1993  
Shri T. V. Rajeswar02/03/1989  –  06/02/1990  
Shri K. V. Raghunath Reddy14/08/1993  –  26/04/1998  
Dr. Akhlaq-Ur-Rahman Kidwai27/04/1998  –  17/05/1999  
Justice Shri Shyamal Kumar Sen18/05/1999  –  03/12/1999  
Shri Viren J. Shah04/12/1999  –  13/12/2004  
Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi14/12/2004  –  23/01/2010  
Shri M. K. Narayanan24/01/2010  –  30/06/2014  
Dr. D. Y. Patil04/07/2014  –  17/07/2014  
Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi24/07/2014  –  29/07/2019

Government of West Bengal 1977-82

the State of West Bengal
NameConstituencyPartyDeclaration Date
Shri Jyoti BasuSatgachhia, South 24 ParganasCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Shri Nani BhattacharyaAlipurduar, JalpaiguriRSP16/Jun/77
Shri Kamal GuhaDinhata, CoochbeharAIFB/FB/FBL14/Jun/77
Shri Bhakti Bhusan MandalDubrajpur, BirbhumAIFB/FB/FBL16/Jun/77
Shri Bhabani MukherjeeChandernagore, HooghlyCPI(M)/CPM16/Jun/77
Shri Sambhu Charan GhoshChinsurah, HooghlyAIFB/FB/FBL16/Jun/77
Shri Amritendu MukherjeeKrishnanagar West, NadiaCPI(M)/CPM16/Jun/77
Shri Radhika Ranjan BanerjeeKamarhati, North 24 ParganasCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Shri Krishna Pada GhoshBeliaghata, KolkataCPI(M)/CPM14/Jun/77
Shri Mohammed AminTitagarh, North 24 ParganasCPI(M)/CPM14/Jun/77
Shri Jatin ChakrabortyDhakuria, KolkataRSP15/Jun/77
Shri Sudhin KumarHowrah Central, HowrahRCP/RCPI14/Jun/77
Shri Parimal MitraKranti, JalpaiguriCPI(M)/CPM17/Jun/77
Shri Debabrata BandapadhyayBerhampore, MurshidabadRSP17/Jun/77
Shri Buddhadeb BhattacharjeeCossipur, KolkataCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Shri Prasanta Kumar SurTollygunge, KolkataCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Shri Chittabrata MajumdarHowrah North, HowrahCPI(M)/CPM14/Jun/77
Shri Partha DeBankura, BankuraCPI(M)/CPM17/Jun/77
Shri Benoy Krishna ChowdhuryBurdwan South, BardhamanCPI(M)/CPM16/Jun/77
Dr. Kanailal BhattacharyaShibpur, HowrahAIFB/FB/FBL15/Jun/77
Shri Pravas Chandra RoyBishnupur West, South 24 ParganasCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Dr. Asok MitraRashbehari Avenue, KolkataCPI(M)/CPM14/Jun/77
Shri Hasim Abdul HalimAmdanga, North 24 ParganasCPI(M)/CPM15/Jun/77
Shri Dawa LamaDarjeeling, DarjeelingCPI(M)/CPM17/Jun/81
Shri Shibendra Narayan ChowdhuryNatabari, CoochbeharCPI(M)/CPM14/Jun/77
Shri Md. Abdul BariDomkal, MurshidabadCPI(M)/CPM16/Jun/77

Smt. Mamata Banerjee

Banerjee, Smt. Mamata
 16 L.A, AITC, 159 – Bhabanipur, Kolkata South
Father’s Name:Late Promileswar Banerjee
Mother’s Name:Late Gayetri Banerjee
Date & Place of Birth:05 Jan 1955, West Bengal
Permanent Address:30B, Harish Chatterjee Street, P.O. & P.S.: Kalighat, Kolkata, Pin – 700026
Telephone & Mobile Nos.:24753000 (R), 3322145555, 3322145588 (O); 22145480, 24540880 (F),
Educational Qualification alongwith Institution :
a) Academic Degree:M.A.; B.Ed.; LL.B.
b) Name of School:D.S. Sikhshalaya
c) Name of College:Jogomaya Debi College., Jogesh Chandra Law College., B.Ed. – Sikhyatan
d) Name of University:University of Calcutta, Kolkata
Profession/Occupation:Advocate, Social Worker
Marital Status:Unmarried
Member:(2011-2016) 15th L.A. (Bye Election), (2016-) 16th L.A. (General Election)
Positions held:Sworn in as Chief Minister of West Bengal, 20th May 2011 onwards., Sworn in as Member of Legislative Assembly, West Bengal, 16th Nov. 2011.
Literary Works:Books Published in Bengali 1. Upalabdhi, 2. Janatar Darbare, 3. Maa, 4. Pallabi, 5. Manavik, 6. Motherland, 7. Crocodile Island, 8. Trinamool, 9. Sishu Sathi, 10. Anubhuti, 11. Abishasya, 12. Janmaini, 13. Ekante, 14. Ashubho Shanket, 15. Jago Banglaa, 16. Ganotantre Lajja, 17. Anoson Keno, 18. Soroni, 19. Langol, 20. Andolaner Katha, 21. Maa-Mati-Manush, 22. Ajab Chora, 23. Nandi-Maa, 24. Netai, 25. Cholo-Jai, 26. Parivartan, 27. Kavita., Books Published in English 1. Struggle for Existence, 2. Smile, 3. Dark Horizon, 4. Slaughter of Democracy, 5. My Unforgettable Memories., Given music and Written lyrics for Bengali songs and received Golden Disc on 29th March, 2001 for the Album on “Chotoder Janaya Mamata” (written and composed).
Foreign Country Travelled:Widely travelled
Special Interest:Painting, Protecting Human Rights
Member or association with any local self-Government institution, statutory body or learned society Member:Elected to 8th Lok Sabha, 1984., Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term), 1991., Union Minister of State, Human Resource Development, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports and Women and Child Development, 1991-93., Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term), 1996., Member, Committee on Home Affairs, 1996-97., Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs, 1996-97., Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (5th term), 1999., Member, General Purposes Committee, 1999., Union Cabinet Minister, Railways, 13th Oct. 1999 – 16th Mar. 2001., Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Industries, 2001 – 2003., Union Cabinet Minister (without any portfolio), 8th sep. 2003 – 8th Jan. 2004., Union Cabinet Minister, Coal and Mines, 9th Jan. 2004 – May 2004., Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha (6th term), 2004., Member, Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice, 2004., Member, Committee on Home Affairs, 5th Aug. 2006., Member, Committee on Home Affairs, 5th Aug. 2007., Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (7th term), 2009., Union Cabinet Minister, Railways, 31st May 2009 – 20th May 2011.
Any other relevant Information:Observed Dharna in 1995 for 21 days to restore Human Rights, protested against atrocities on women and lock up deaths in the country, specially in West Bengal., Went on “Hunger Strike” for 26 days in 2006 to protect the farmers land., Represented the Country in – 1. In U.N. General Assembly., 2. As a women parliamentarian at World Women Round Table Conference, Russia and 3. World Youth Conference, Vietnam, attended the Working Women Conference of ILO and ICFTU at Kuala Lumpur., 4. World Youth Festival at Russia., 5. Attended the SAARC countries meetings on Women and Child Development at Sri Lanka., 6. Went Maldives to attend the Commonwealth Youth Affairs Ministers Conference., 7. Visited Angola to attend the World Youth Development Programme., 8. Visited Bangladesh to inaugurate Indo-Bangladesh Rail Link., 9. Visited several other countries including Germany, United Kingdom, France.

West Bengal Government 1962-67

the State of West Bengal
NameConstituencyPartyDeclaration Date
Dr. Bidhan Chandra RoyChowrangee, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Shri Prafulla Chandra SenArambagh East, HooghlyCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Shri Syamadas Bhattacharji (Bhattacharyya)Panskura West, MidnaporeCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Iswardas JalanBarabazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Tarun Kanti GhoshHabra, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Shri S.M. Fazlur RahamanNakashipara, NadiaCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Smt. Abha MaitiBhagabanpur, MidnaporeCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Shri Bijoy Singh NaharBowbazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Shri Khagendranath Das GuptaJalpaiguri, JalpaiguriCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Smt. Purabi MukhopadhyayTaldangra, BankuraCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Jagannath KolayKotulpur, BankuraCONG/CONG(R)25/Feb/62
Shri Saila Kumar MukherjeeHowrah North, HowrahCONG/CONG(R)28/Feb/62
Shri Tenzing WangdiPhansidewa (ST), DarjeelingCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Sowrindra Mohan MisraManikchak, MaldaCONG/CONG(R)28/Feb/62
Shri Ardhendu Sekhar NaskarMagrahat East (SC), 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)25/Jan/62
Shri Bijesh Chandra SenBasirhat, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62
Dr. Susil Ranjan Chatterji (Chottopadhyay)Balurghat, West DinajpurCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Prabodh Kumar GuhaRaina, BardhamanCONG/CONG(R)27/Feb/62
Shri Smarajit Banerji (Bandyopadhyay)Karimpur, NadiaCONG/CONG(R)25/Feb/62
Shri Pramatha Ranjan ThakurHanskhali (SC), NadiaCONG/CONG(R)26/Feb/62

Government of West Bengal 1957-62

NameConstituencyPartyOath taken
Dr. Bidhan Chandra RoyBowbazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)17/Mar/57
Shri Siddhartha Shankar RayBhowanipur, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)25/Aug/58
Shri Siddhartha Shankar RayBhowanipur, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)18/Mar/57
Dr. Rafiuddin AhmedDeganga, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)22/Mar/57
Shri Abdus SattarKetugram, BardhamanCONG/CONG(R)09/Mar/57
Shri Hem Chandra NaskarBhangar, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)23/Mar/57
Shri Khagendranath Das GuptaJalpaiguri, JalpaiguriCONG/CONG(R)15/Mar/57
Shri Syama Prasad BarmanRaiganj (SC), West DinajpurCONG/CONG(R)18/Mar/57
Shri Bimal Chandra SinhaKandi, MurshidabadCONG/CONG(R)20/Mar/57
Shri Prafulla Chandra SenKhanakul, HooghlyCONG/CONG(R)09/Mar/57
Shri Bhupati MajumdarChinsurah, HooghlyCONG/CONG(R)17/Mar/57
Shri Ajoy Kumar MukherjiTamluk, MidnaporeCONG/CONG(R)17/Mar/57
Shri Iswardas JalanBarabazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)18/Mar/57
Shri Anath Bandhu Roy (Ray)Bankura, BankuraCONG/CONG(R)22/Mar/57
Smt. Purabi MukhopadhyayVishnupur, BankuraCONG/CONG(R)21/Mar/57
Shri Tarun Kanti GhoshHabra, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)19/Mar/57

Dr. Bidhan Ch Roy -Chief Minister West Bengal 1952

 Roy, Dr. Bidhan Chandra
 3 L.A, CONG/CONG(R), 221 – Saltora, Bankura
Father’s NameLate Prokash Chandra Roy
Date & Place of Birth01 Jul 1882, Patna (Bihar).
Permanent Address36 Wellington Street, Calcutta
Educational Qualification alongwith Institution :
a) Academic DegreeB.A.; M.D.; D.O.S.; F.R.C.S.; M.R.C.P.
b) Name of SchoolPatna Collegiate School
c) Name of CollegePatna College
d) Name of UniversityUniversity of Patna, Patna
Profession/OccupationMedical Practitioner.
Marital StatusUnmarried
Member(1953-1957) 1st L.A. (General Election), (1957-1962) 2nd L.A. (General Election), (1962-1962) 3rd L.A. (General Election), (1962-1967) 3rd L.A. (General Election)
Positions heldAlderman, Calcutta Corporation, 1930-33, 1938-44; Mayor, Calcutta Corporation, 1931-32, 1932-33; Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University, 1941; Fellow, Calcutta University;

West Bengal Government 1952 -57

the State of West Bengal
nameConstituencypartydate of oath
Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
Chief Minister
Bowbazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/53
Dr. Rafiuddin AhmedDeganga, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Jiban Ratan DharBongaon, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Hem Chandra NaskarBhangar (SC), 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Pannalal BoseSealdah, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Sankar Prasad MitraMuchipara, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Dr. Amulyadhan MukherjiBarasat, 24-ParganasCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Kali MukherjeeWatgunge, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Jadabendra Nath PanjaGalsi, BardhamanCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Smt. Renuka RoyRatua, MaldaCONG/CONG(R)05/Nov/52
Shri Radhagobinda RoyVishnupur, BankuraCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Khagendranath Das GuptaJalpaiguri, JalpaiguriCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Syama Prasad BarmanRaiganj (SC), West DinajpurCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Ajoy Kumar MukherjiTamluk, MidnaporeCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Iswardas JalanBarabazar, KolkataCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/52
Shri Gopika Bilas Sen GuptaSuri, BirbhumCONG/CONG(R)31/Mar/5