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ritu raj JNU

Forensic Evidence

Author : Ramachandran
ISBN : 978-93-85444-85-2
Edition : Lawman’s 2022
Binding : Hardbound
Language : English
Pages : 1340
Price : ₹ 1495


Brain Finger Printing
D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
Narco-Analysis Test
Lie Detector Tests
Narco-Analysis – Criminals Privacy Versus Societys Necessity
Finger Print Evidence
Expert Evidence
Cyber Forensics
First Information Report
Non-Cognizable Cases And Police Investigation
Ballistic Expert Report
Birth During Marriage, Conclusive – Proof of Legitimacy
Circumstantial Evidence
Medical Evidence And Ocular Evidence
Ante-Mortem Injuries And Medico Legal Aspect
Post-Mortem Examination
Forensic Autopsy
Concept Of Toxicology
Inquest Report – Inquiry Into Case Of Sudden Unnatural Deaths, Suicides Etc.