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3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation: Insights from Law and Technology

Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Jouni Partanen
Price: €141.00
Product Line-Kluwer Law International
Product SKU-10057248-0001

3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation evaluates the tensions created by 3D printing (3DP) technology in the context of growing global economy. The term ‘3DP’ (or, more correctly, additive manufacturing) refers to the software-driven technologies that create physical objects by successive layering of materials. As a result of the improved quality of objects produced and lowered processing costs, the availability of these technologies has caused major implications not only for manufacturers and distributors but also for users and consumers, raising unprecedented challenges for IP protection and enforcement. This is the first book to discuss 3DP technology from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses law, economics, engineering, technology and policy.

What’s in this book:

Twenty-five legal, technical and business experts have contributed sixteen peer-reviewed chapters, each focusing on a specific area. The topics covered include:

current and future business models for 3D printing applications;
intellectual property rights in 3D printing;
essential patents and technical standards in additive manufacturing;
patent and bioprinting;
private use and 3D printing;
copyright licences on the user-generated content (UGC) in 3D printing;
copyright implications of 3D scanning; and
traditional trademark infringement in the 3D printing context.

Specific industrial applications – including aeronautics, automotive industries, construction equipment, toy and jewellery making, medical devices, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine – are touched upon in the course of analyses. In a legal context, the central focus is on the technology’s implications for US and European IP law, particularly in patenting bioprinting technologies.


CHAPTER 1 3D Printing History, Principles and Technologies

Jukka Tuomi, Sergei Chekurov & Jouni Partanen

CHAPTER 2 Current and Future Business Models for 3D Printing Applications

Iñigo Flores Ituarte, Siavash H. Khajavi & Mika Salmi

CHAPTER 3 Intellectual Property Rights in the Era of 3D Printing

Marcus Norrgård, Rosa Maria Ballardini & Miia-Mari Kasi

CHAPTER 4 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Regulation: A Law and Economics Perspective

Max Oker-Blom

CHAPTER 5 Rethinking Additive Manufacturing and Intellectual Property Protection

William Cass

CHAPTER 6 Patenting Bioprinting-Technologies in the US and Europe: The Fifth Element in the Third Dimension

Timo Minssen & Marc Mimler

CHAPTER 7 Law and Technology of 3D Printing and Medical Devices

Dhanay Cadillo Chandler & Mika Salmi

CHAPTER 8 The Private and Non-commercial Use Defence Revisited: The Case of 3D Printing Technologies

Rosa Maria Ballardini & Nari Lee

CHAPTER 9 Essential Patents and Technical Standards in Additive Manufacturing

Liguo Zhang, Iñigo Flores Ituarte & Rosa Maria Ballardini

CHAPTER 10 Copyright Implications of 3D Scanning

Michael Weinberg

CHAPTER 11 Regulating Terms and Conditions of Copyright Licences on the User-Generated Content 3D Printing Platform

Kan He

CHAPTER 12 The Art of CAD: Copyrightability of Digital Design Files

Mikko Antikainen & Daniël Jongsma

CHAPTER 13 EU Design Law and 3D Printing: Finding the Right Balance in a New E-Ecosystem

Ana Nordberg & Jens Schovsbo

CHAPTER 14 Non-traditional Trademark Infringement in the 3D Printing Context

Taina Pihlajarinne

CHAPTER 15 ISP Liability in the 3D Printing Environment

Petteri Günther & Marcus Norrgård

CHAPTER 16 Implementing Digital Rights Management Tools for 3D Printing: Implications from the IPRs Perspective

Viveca Still