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Rinku Das (Hazra)

Prison system in Ireland

The Minister for Justice is responsible for the prison system in Ireland. However, the Irish Prison Service, an executive office established within the Department of Justice, controls the day-to-day operation of Irish prisons.

The Irish Prison Service is responsible for the safe and secure custody of all those committed to it by the courts. This includes people held on remand, detained on immigration matters and sentenced to imprisonment.

In addition to ensuring that convicted people properly serve their sentences, the Irish Prison Service is responsible for providing prisoners with appropriate resources and opportunities to reduce the likelihood of their reoffending and assisting prisoners with reintegrating into their communities upon release.

The Irish Prison Service deals exclusively with offenders who are 18 years of age or over. You can find out more about children and the criminal justice system in Ireland.

Section 35 of the Prisons Act 2007 provides for the making of rules for the regulation and good government of prisons. Prison Rules 2007 (SI 252/2007), as amended, sets out, among other things, the rules in relation to admissions and transfers.