Procedure in the decision making Process at District Court Level

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The Procedure followed in the decision making Process (State of Punjab)

The Officers follows the procedure as laid down in the laws and manuals and directions issued by the Hon’ble High Court.

 The employees working in the various courts and sections follow the procedures laid down in the manuals and directions of the Judicial officers.

 The Principal District & Sessions Judge, supervise the work of the organization and exercises control over it. Likewise, he distributes the grants received from the Government amongst the subordinate authorities for its appropriate expenditure.

 The subordinate authorities submits various types of returns and information to the Head of the Organization for onwards transmission to the Hon’ble High Court monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and whenever called for.

 The Civil Suits initially/firstly presented before the Civil Judge ( Senior Division) and after its registration the suits are being allotted amongst the other Civil Judges by rotation except special jurisdiction.

 The Criminal cases initially filed by the concerned Police Authorities before the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate and after its registration the cases are made over to the another Judicial Magistrate/s for disposal according to law, except the cases triable under section 409 of I.P.C.

 The cases exclusively triable by the Court of Sessions are being committed to the Court of Sessions by the concerned Judicial Magistrate for being tried according to law.