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Lalit Mohan Das vs Advocate-General, Orissa (1957 AIR 250, 1957 SCR 167)

“A member of the Bar undoubtedly owes a duty to his client and must place before the Court all that can fairly and reasonably be sub mitted on behalf of his client. He may even submit that a particular order is not correct and may ask for a review of that order. At the same time, a member of the Bar is an officer of the Court and owes a duty to the Court in which he is appearing. He must uphold the dignity and decorum of the Court and must not do anything to bring the Court itself into disrepute. The appellant before us grossly overstepped the limits of propriety when he made imputations of partiality and unfairness against the Munsiff in open court. In suggesting that the Munsiff followed no principle in his orders, the appellant was adding insult to injury; because the Munsiff had merely upheld the order of his predecessor on the preliminary point of jurisdiction and court-fees, which order had been upheld by the High Court in revision. Scandalising the Court in such manner is really polluting the very fount of justice : such conduct as the appellant indulged in was not a matter between an individual member of the Bar and a member of the Judicial Service; it brought into disrepute the whole administration of justice.”