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Qualifications to be a Fast Track Court Judge

Keeping in view the laudable object with which the Scheme had been conceived and introduced, inter alia the following directions were issued :- “2. The second preference in appointments to Fast Track Courts shall be given to retired judges who have good service records with no adverse comments in their ACRs, so far as judicial acumen, reputation regarding honesty, integrity and character are concerned. Those who were not given the benefit of two years’ extension of the age of superannuation, shall not be considered for appointment. It should be ensured that they satisfy the conditions laid down in Articles 233(2) and 309 of the Constitution. The High Court concerned shall take a decision with regard to the minimum- maximum age of eligibility to ensure that they are physically fit for the work in Fast Track Courts. [Supreme Court of India IN N.Kannadasan vs Ajoy Khose & Ors – DATE 6 May, 2009]