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<h2>Agreement to Sell – Readiness and Willingness under Specific Relief Act</h2>
Kirpal Kaur and another Versus Ritesh and others

AIR 2022 SC 1555

Once the execution of the agreement to sell for a sale consideration has been believed and it has been found that Jai Parkash and thereafter, the original plaintiffs were always ready and willing to perform their part under the agreement and in fact they remained present before the Sub Registrar, Nilokheri on 10.02.2005, which has been established and proved, the decree for specific performance is rightly passed by the first appellate Court, which is rightly confirmed by the High Court. In the facts and circumstances, clauses (a) & (c) of Section 20 of the Specific Relief Act shall not be applicable and/or attracted. We are in complete agreement with the view taken by the first appellate Court and the High Court. However, at the same time to do the complete justice between the parties and in exercise of powers under Article 142 of the Constitution of India, we direct the original plaintiffs to pay additional Rs.3,50,000/- to the appellants – original defendants, over and above the balance sale consideration of Rs.50,000/- (Rs.50,000/- to be paid with 6% interest from the date of execution of the Agreement to Sell i.e., 11.02.2004 to actual payment). It is further directed that on such payment the original defendants – appellants herein shall execute the sale deed in favour of respondents herein – original plaintiffs.