Any person may apply to the Israeli President of the State for clemency 

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    Requests for release from incarceration at the conclusion of two-thirds of his or her sentence; requests for furloughs for inmates, and requests concerning the conditions of an inmate’s incarceration

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    Submit applications for clemency in one of the following ways:

    online – (Lawyers can only apply online)
    by email to
    by post to: 3 Hanasi Street, Jerusalem 9218801
    by fax to 02-5887225
    Applications submitted in person at the President’s Gate will not be accepted.

    For more informstion, call the department’s representatives, Sunday to Thursday, from 9am to 11am on 02-6707211.

    Lawyers who wish to attach additional material after submitting the application can email it to with a name and ID number.

    What you need to include in your application for clemency
    Attach to your application:

    personal details (full name, father’s name, social security number, address and telephone number)
    details of the application (what you are requesting clemency for)
    details about the offense and court decisions
    details of previous applications for clemency, if submitted
    the start date of serving the sentence for which you are requesting clemency (in applications relating to disqualifications and imprisonment)
    reasons for the application such as the circumstances of the offense, special personal and family circumstances, medical reasons, social reasons, financial situation, contribution to society (military service, volunteer activities, special achievements) and new circumstances, since sentencing
    we recommend to attaching an accompanying form for the clemency application
    if you are a lawyer applying for your client, a power-of-attorney document
    if you are a first degree family applying for your relative, you must state that the application is submitted with the knowledge and consent of the person you are applying for

    Govt recommend attaching the following documents:

    Copy of ID

    indictment, verdict, sentence, decision of the appellate court (if any), and court decisions regarding the date of serving the sentence.
    recommendations (commanders, employers, other recommendations), and certificates of excellence or certificates attesting to special achievements
    if applying for relief from the penalty of disqualification of a license – confirmation of the deposit of a license
    for applications for mitigation of criminal fines or traffic fines – the decision of the center to collect fines
    if the application is based on economic circumstances – any document confirming what is stated in the reasons for the application, such as:
    pay slip
    bank account page.
    confirmation of income support pension
    confirmation of receipt of unemployment benefits
    execution documents
    documents regarding debts and payments required
    a declaration of a debtor with limited in means
    confirmation of appointment of receiver
    If the application is based on social reasons – opinions that support the application such as:
    opinion from a welfare worker or any caregiver in the community
    opinions from psychologists and / or other treatment providers
    opinions from educators caring for children
    If the application is based on medical reasons – opinions that support the application such as:
    medical opinions
    relevant and up-to-date medical certificates
    confirmation of disability percentages from the National Insurance Institute
    hospitalization reports


    Applications regarding offenses that were prosecuted in a military court

    The application is passed on to the defense minister’s bureau and the Pardons Section of the Military Prosecution for the defense minister’s professional opinion.
    The Military Prosecution contacts the various officials involved in order to ask for information and for a professional opinion. The application is passed on to the head of the adjutant general branch, the chief of staff, and the defense minister for their professional opinions
    If the president decides not to grant the request for a pardon, written notification of the decision is sent to the applicant


     Military court system in the Judea and Samaria region?

    No. The president’s authority does not apply to requests of this type. For requests of this type, you can contact the legal advisor in the Judea and Samaria region through the security and criminal section. PO Box 5 Beit El 90631.

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